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Make sure employees are equipped to execute their tasks safely and efficiently. With Workleap LMS, you can evaluate everyone's understanding and validate compliance in a few clicks.

A user successfully completing their qualification quiz, earning a training certificate, and being automatically scheduled for their next requalification.
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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience

Save HR and managers time with automated evaluation, certification, and requalification of employees

Illustration of a book for continuing employee training

Improve learning retention

Enhance memory while evaluating your employees’ understanding by testing their knowledge during or at the end of a course.

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Toss the spreadsheets

Stop losing information related to compliance or employee certification by eliminating complex spreadsheets. Automated assessments and certifications streamline HR focus and productivity.

An employee who participates in creating training for his colleagues

Incite proactivity

Share accountability for reaching learning and development goals and enable employees to be autonomous through course reminders for expiring certifications.

Requalification tracking

Managers can track employee requalification status, course completion deadlines, and certification expiration dates. They can also use Workleap LMS to set up automated reminders to ensure employees complete their assigned courses on time.

Requalifications report in Workleap LMS that can be exported, showing late, upcoming and completed requalifications.
Editing a quiz lesson in Workleap LMS to add custom question with multiple choices and make the quiz mandatory or optional.

Quizzes and exams

Validate your learners' understanding by creating quizzes and exams with Workleap LMS. You can insert as many tests into a course plan as necessary.

Ask multiple-choice questions for standardized tests or open-ended questions for individual text answers. You can even request a file upload to grade and comment on a document, video, image, or more.

Automatic or manual correction of exams

Configure success criteria for each test and the number of attempts allowed. Depending on the type of questions you ask your students, you can correct them manually or automatically. Once corrected, Workleap LMS saves your tests so you can always access them easily!

Automatic correction of an exam containing only multiple choices questions in Workleap LMS showing the user's score.
Adding a new credit to Workleap LMS to set credit scores to completed courses and manage users total credits.

Course credits

Offer continuous education credits to students who complete your courses to encourage them to enroll in more. If a professional association or an external organization recognizes these courses, you can identify them with a reference number.

Get a good overview of where your teams stand by checking out the list of all the credits obtained by your learners by consulting their user profiles.

Completion certificate

Send completion certificates automatically and display them directly in your users' profiles! If you have associated credits with a course, these can also be displayed on the certificate. The certificate may then serve as proof of compliance and be presented to the professional association or a governing body.

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Workleap LMS

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