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Workleap empowers people-first teams to map their skills, develop their talents, and accelerate their growth to create more fulfilling and productive workplaces.

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AI-Enhanced skill mapping

Map your skills automagically.​

Workleap is like a magic wand for skill mapping. With a simple interface and a dash of AI, you will get a clear and instant view of your team’s capabilities and blind spots. That way, you can develop your talents and plan your workforce more efficiently than ever before.​

Map your skills

5 minutes

Map your skills in a matter of minutes, not months. Workleap is an order of magnitude faster and cheaper than manual labor or expensive enterprise solutions.​

Find and retain your rising stars


Find and retain your rising stars.​

Workleap helps you identify the next stepping stones in your employees’ careers and formulate clear career progression paths so that every employee can reach their full potential. ​

86% retention increase

Companies that excel at skill-based internal mobility retain employees for an average of 5.4 years, nearly twice as long as companies that struggle with it, where the average retention span is 2.9 years. — Source: LinkedIn 2022


Empower every employee to elevate their career.

Workleap gives you a crystal-clear view of your team’s skills and capabilities. It also doubles as an internal mobility platform that pairs your talents with the right mentors and projects so that they can propel their career and your organization forward.​

Empower every employee

56% of employees

Believe that they don’t have any career advancement opportunities. — Source: Officevibe

Guillaume Roy

“We all have a “star employee who got away” story. It happened to me more than once, and it hurts every time. Lack of visibility into a team’s projects and skills can lead to highly capable employees leaving for the wrong reasons.​​ That’s why we created Workleap: to enable employees to be their best selves and create more fulfilling careers and workplaces.”​

Guillaume Roy, Cofounder & Chief Enabler @ Workleap​

Connect your HRIS


Ready to go. ​
Ready to grow.

Workleap’s easy-to-use platform seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows so that you can focus on what really matters: putting your talent to work. With more than 35 HRIS and ATS integrations, we make skill mapping, workforce planning & career development as hurdle-free and effortless as can be.