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Workleap LMS offers automation and full control of course enrolments to save time and increase employee engagement in learning. Give your employees the tools to reach personal and organizational goals through customizable learning experiences they can access anytime.

Creating a new course with automated requalification schedules and batch enrollment, all monitored in the Workleap LMS dashboard.
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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience

Save time and encourage participation with automation and full control of course enrollments

A manager who manages to accomplish her tasks quickly thanks to the Workleap LMS tool

Time saver

Save time for HR and managers by automating learning path enrollment depending on employees’ role or positions in the company.

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Uniform distribution

Make the employee experience uniform across locations and teams by centralizing knowledge and distributing it evenly to all your people.

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Motivated learning

Enable employees to be autonomous, more productive, and engaged by enrolling them in courses that fit their needs, goals, and interests.

Learning paths

Organize courses in learning paths to offer employees a clear journey from where they are to where they need to be. Offering a roadmap simplifies career development, internal mobility, and onboarding since employees will need to be enrolled in the path to access all the content included.

Editing a learning path in Workleap LMS by creating learning steps and adding existing courses through drag-and-drop.
Activating a requalification cycle in Workleap LMS by setting the course validity duration and the requalification period.

Requalification management

As knowledge and skills can quickly be forgotten, it's paramount that your students stay sharp and (re)develop their skills to remain effective!

With this feature, you can simply select a due date for your courses, and once that date is reached, your students will be invited to re-complete the course and confirm their knowledge during the requalification period.

Collaborate with your internal experts

As an HR Leader, you can create a course shell and assign your best employee as a course author to collaborate with them to make the official content. Leverage your team's expertise in bite-size micro-courses created for the people, by the people.

Adding authors to a course in Workleap LMS to allow other users to contribute to the content of the course.
Creation of categories and subcategories in Workleap LMS to classify courses by departments, difficulty levels and more.

Course categorization

Structure courses in categories to help employees find what they are looking for. Build a public course directory or restrict access to specific courses based on your user group structure.

Manual enrollments

Complement an employee learning path with additional individual courses. You can also enroll them in content not visible in the default course directory, such as private courses and learning paths.

Selecting enrollment type, users or groups and courses to batch enroll employees in Workleap LMS.
Managing enrollment requests in Workleap LMS to approve or reject access to a course for a specific user.

Restricted access courses

A new course on Workleap LMS is available to all employees by default. You can restrict course visibility to make sure employees are only exposed to what is relevant for them or mix things up with "per enrollment request" courses. Employees can signify interest in courses to which you can approve or deny access.

Registration periods management

If you're running live or in-person sessions, adding a registration period to the course can save you a lot of hassle! Put together training cohorts and control the amount of people who can simultaneously participate in a course.

Setting a registration period to a course in Workleap LMS thrtough the Versions tab of the course edition interface.
Filtering Workleap LMS completed enrollments report to showcase only courses eligible for Bill 90 within the selected period.

Management of Bill 90

Are you a company in Quebec that must comply with Bill 90 (or the 1% law)? Workleap LMS can help you manage the time spent per employee on all courses eligible for the program!

You can activate the feature on these courses and then filter your progress reports. All you have to do is add the salary per employee, and you will have calculated the total amount to declare in just a few clicks.

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