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Scaling a business doesn't have to feel overwhelming. Workleap LMS allows you to keep your teams updated with employee-generated trainings and best practices to power growth. 

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Employee training is essential for small and medium businesses

No matter the size of your business, training current and new employees is essential to growth in your industry. Workleap LMS offers a learning management system tailored to small business needs: benefit from reduced training costs, shorter training time, and higher employee performance with a scalable LMS for small businesses!

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What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an eLearning application used to create and deliver online learning experiences to its users. In addition, it provides a means of tracking employee progress and performance.

The role and features of LMS software differ based on the organization’s goals, online training strategies, and intended results. Typically, assets such as videos, documents, presentations, quizzes, and assessments are uploaded to the LMS software, which allows them to be accessed remotely by learners.

Advantages of our online training platform for employees

Automate repetitive tasks

Automate repetitive administrative processes so they're easier to manage.

Save training time with online learning

With web-based courses available online and on-the-go, help staff learn at their own pace from wherever they want.

Create courses that fit your employee training plans

Create courses quickly and easily using intuitive software that lets HR, developers, and educators collaborate.

Small and medium-sized businesses face the same training challenges as larger companies

A small and medium-sized company can suffer setbacks just like any other company, and many of these issues can be difficult to recover from if not addressed quickly. In addition, SMBs have to deal with smaller budgets: they may lack the funds needed to hire additional employees or pay for professional training services. This is where an LMS for small or medium businesses can have a powerful impact on performance.

Let your SMB benefit from a powerful eLearning platform

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Learning is more than an employee training system; it’s your strategic partner.

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asked questions

Do small and medium businesses really need a Learning Management System?

LMSs aren't just for big companies; they're for any company that want to grow.

Should you invest in an online learning management system (LMS) when your business would only have 50 users? Granted, a small business might not need a large-scale LMS with a wide range of features and a big price tag. But what if you could get the features your SMB needs without spending so much?

LMS for small and medium businesses adapts to the reality of smaller companies by offering an affordable and scalable training platform solution for a small number of users. Working with Workleap’s cloud-based learning management system gives you the training features you need to grow your business and the option to scale up your LMS with your business.

The right LMS solution does not require technical expertise

A common misunderstanding about Learning Management Systems (LMS) is that they are complex platforms that require advanced technological know-how. A small business looking for an LMS might need more expertise or the resources to develop in-house expertise.

Workleap LMS offers a SaaS solution for small businesses looking to improve the quality of their employee training fast and efficiently. The SaaS model lets you benefit from a high-end training platform without having to install, update and maintain expensive hardware and software.

A training platform for businesses can be affordable

It makes sense that if you've already thought that Learning Management Systems (LMS) are designed for large companies, they must be expensive. This is partially true, as LMS for small and medium businesses are both flexible and scalable according to your users!

Workleap's learning management system for SMBs offers you the functionalities you need right now and the possibility to scale up as your operations grow. With a grow-as-you-go approach, small businesses will only pay for what they need, allowing them to concentrate their resources on other important tasks.

Why offer employee training and development?

Every business should offer employee trainings to develop new skills and maintain productivity.

Companies of all sizes across all industry sectors have a lot to benefit from employee training. Many leading companies realize these benefits, which makes employee training and development a core element within their company culture.

Change is a constant across industries. Organizations must train their workers to adapt and innovate to stay competitive. Restaurants must continually update their menu offerings to meet customers' demands. Banks must remain compliant with new regulatory requirements. Retailers must continue to offer products that appeal to modern consumers. Employee development ensures these changes happen smoothly through lifelong learning.

Training advantages for employees

  • Employees learn new things and keep up with industry trends;
  • Steady growth and improvements lead to more capable and competent staff members;
  • Employee education and development keep employees motivated and engaged;
  • Increases your overall level of happiness at work.

Employee training advantages for enterprises

  • Programs that teach employees how to use new technology effectively and efficiently keep them engaged and loyal.
  • Employee training reduces turnover.
  • Training reduces operational risks.
  • Employee training software offers advantageous pricing for enterprises of all size;
  • Training employees effectively increases their productivity which leads to increased profitability.
  • Can apply preventive and corrective measures quickly.

What features to look for in a small or medium business LMS?

Small businesses should avoid the classic classroom training approach to reduce their training costs. Having less resources means getting the most out of everyone. In turn, this means you can't afford to keep repeating the same things over and over. Most small businesses that successfully implemented a learning management system chose Workleap's Software as a Service (SaaS) approach. The learning content can be accessed through any web browser, allowing employees to complete on-the-go learning courses at any time and on any device.

User experience is essential for your employees to engage in training, whether corporate training or social training. This is why any learning management software must have a simple and intuitive interface, and leverage features such as interactive videos, video conferences, and many more to create an engaging learning environment.

Smaller companies often struggle with costs, so they need an affordable Learning Management System (LMS) that offers key functionality at a reasonable cost and for a small number of users. Mobile learning is often the perfect solution, whether in virtual classrooms or using asynchronous online training features.

Small and medium business LMS should offer a basic course builder feature in their learning management platform and allow custom courses. It should be easy enough for anyone in a small company with limited resources to create simple training modules or implement pre-existing training modules.

Reporting and analytics tools will allow SMBs to easily spot over and/or underperforming employees, giving them insight into the courses that need to change.

An LMS for small businesses should allow trainers to offer different learning tools and features, such as videos, quizzes, and interactive content, to active users. Workleap LMS solution supports multiple forms of media forms and provides various tools and resources to help users learn effectively.

What are the applications of Workleap LMS for small and medium businesses?

Employee training

A LMS is a software application that allows you to manage all aspects of employee learning, including courses, eLearning modules, quizzes, feedback features, certificates, badges, and other features. It often allows for user engagement and social learning through the online courses.

Employee training and development programs are extremely beneficial to small businesses looking to grow. You can ensure employees remain highly motivated and engaged by allowing them to take on new roles and duties. Keeping users engaged encourages employees to learn more about themselves and their capabilities. In the long term, this will mean that your company will retain experienced workers, who will eventually move into leadership positions. These features also benefit those already in senior roles by helping them develop their expertise further.

Compliance training and onboarding

Compliance education is important in the fast-moving, modern workplace. Most companies expect their staff members to be able to adjust quickly to their working environment. However, the workplace, its products and services, and its customers constantly evolve.

With an LMS, you give employees the power to learn and encourage them to take advantage of online training resources. A good way to engage employees in their jobs is to provide them with structured programs for personal development. These programs will help employees learn new skills and develop themselves professionally. By doing so, users will feel safe to ask questions, share ideas, and engage in discussions about the company’s goals and objectives.

Change management

Your business may be small — for now. But as your business evolves, you must be able to adapt, communicate, and enforce changes year-round. Simplify these changes for you and your team through good documentation and automated ways to revisit these frequent iterations.