You can expect a lot from Officevibe in 2022! We'll partner up with some other great companies that offer solutions valuable to you and your organization as part of that. We're kicking it off strong with a partnership with Oyster.

With the pandemic came a historic shift towards distributed work and opening the door for organizations to hire internationally. But hiring across borders is not as simple as that. That's where Oyster comes in!

Oyster product description

An end-to-end Distributed HR platform, Oyster, streamlines global employment across the entire remote employee lifecycle. It's a human-centric, best-in-class software like us at Officevibe. So we knew we'd get along well. Oyster builds solutions for people they serve like people operations teams, employees, and the global workforce. The platform makes it easy to get organized through hiring, paying, managing, and training anywhere in the world.

We invite you to check them out. As part of the partnership, paying Officevibe customers get access to special offers.

See how Oyster unlocks a whole new world of talent for your business. 

Equip HR and managers with tools to engage, recognize, and drive performance.