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The world of work needs, well, work. It needs us. And we need you. Our quest to offer a better employee experience to all is far from being over. Be part of it.

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Workleap Award: Montreal's Top Employers 2023
Workleap Award: Canada's Top Small & Medium Employers 2022

We walk the talk

To care about the employee experience of others, we start with caring about our own.

A best-in-class compensation 

  • Competitive salary
  • Annual performance bonuses
  • 5% contribution to your RRSP
  • Referral bonus

A personalized way to work

  • Work from the office or from home, as you like*
  • Work anywhere in Canada
  • Work up to 150 days per year abroad
  • Enjoy a truly flexible vacation policy

*With the exception of 2 annual in-person gatherings at the office

A healthy work-life balance

  • Group insurance for you and your loved ones
  • $1,000 health and wellness allowance per year
  • Financial support for new parents
  • A health platform (telemedicine, Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), mental health and stress management assistance)

Many ways to expand your horizons

  • Training and conferences
  • Language courses

The icing on the cake

  • Home office allowance
  • Internet reimbursement
  • A cool office in Montreal to work with awesome colleagues, if you feel like it
  • Ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook meals delivered to your home
Workleap employee working on his computer from the office.

Our values

Our firm beliefs

We’re generous, easygoing, hard workers, friendly, honest go-getters. And we believe keeping those values in mind makes us a damn great workplace.

Listen to understand

Hear what our customers want. Build what they really need.

Take the leap

Unusual and uncomfortable is where the good stuff is.

Tell it like it is

Kind honesty. Sometimes harder to hear, but always gets better results.

Win as one team

All our skills and hearts will get it done. Trust your team. The whole team.

Own up

Own your mistakes. Own your triumphs. Ask for help. Offer it.

Our innovation lab

The future of employee experience starts here

Our Innovation Lab, or simply the Lab, is where we push the boundaries and build new products from the ground up. It’s made of intrapreneurs and innovators obsessing over one thing: crafting the next leading product that will make work simpler, kinder, and faster.

Workleap employees working together around a table.

asked questions

What’s your take on remote work?

At Workleap, we’re a remote company, meaning that presence is not obligatory. You can work from anywhere in Canada. And for those who prefer in-person work, we have a beautiful office in Montreal. We recognize the importance of real one-on-one time, so we host some must-attend events throughout the year where employees can get together (we’ll fly you in if needed), say hello, and meet each other outside of the digital realm.

How do you collaborate if no one is in the same place?

As pioneers in finding new and better ways to work, we created some specific principles to maximize our communications and collaborations.

These are not optional principles. It’s our joint responsibility to stick to them so that Workleap can operate and perform sustainably as a whole company.

1. We opt for written and asynchronous communication first.

2. Several times a year, we get together to socialize or reflect on the company. The rest of the year, going to the office is optional.
3. Virtual work is our default way of working as a team.
4. We give ourselves the license to disconnect.
5. We are proactive in our communications.
6. We make room and opportunities for informal discussions and cultivate social interactions.

How far can I take my career at Workleap?

We’d love you to grow with us. And we're the kind of place that creates the opportunities and the room you need to grow your career and explore as many different options as possible. You are the master of your future. If you spell it out, we will help you take on projects and initiatives that best meet your trajectory.