Continuous performance cycles

A frictionless shift from the once-a-year performance review to an automated and continuous performance management process. Equip managers to provide frequent feedback and drive business success.​

Officevibe new performance cycle management page to view and schedule events such as a self and manager Mid-Year Review.
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Drive continuous feedback and alignment

A manager who is ready for their performance review meeting with their employee.

Continuous made easy

Implement a standard performance process with all the best practices and key moments that managers can effortlessly follow.

A manager preparing their roadmap for the next year

Rich performance insights

Leverage employee engagement and recognition insights to conduct well-rounded performance reviews that are effective and fair.

Illustration of manager and employee shaking hands.

Performance checkpoints

Managers and employees have regular checkpoints to discuss performance and expectations. Come review time, everyone is at ease and aligned.


Design your performance management cycle

HR can easily design performance management cycles that happen throughout the year with the option of customizing them for each department or team. It's a quick and easy setup that automates time-consuming tasks, allowing managers to focus on coaching.

Officevibe new performance cycle management page with cycle summary, list of events and possibility to schedule a new event.
Officevibe 1-on-1 checkpoints schedule and collaborative agenda for a performance cycle activity with the employee.


Make performance a habit that’s easy to keep

Improve performance proactively with lightweight checkpoints. Your central location to discuss and capture goal progress and give performance updates all year round.


Watch your performance culture come to life

Cycle reporting gives a real-time view of reviews and checkpoints completed. We’ll take care of the nudges and reminders to reduce admin time and increase participation.

Officevibe performance cycle report with a progress status and a list of completed and ongoing review events.
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