Give everyone on the team​ an opportunity to grow

Hybrid work makes it hard for people to find mentors and see what the next growth opportunity might be. Workleap Skills makes career progression easy with tailor-made progression plans that make the next stepping stone tangible and actionable.​

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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience

AI-assisted progression plans​

Build tailored progression plans in minutes​

Give employees a clear path forward with actionable steps on how to grow their skills and unlock the next level in their careers. Workleap's AI is trained with 75 million data points to generate progression plans for each role, department, and industry and help you provide employees with the clarity they need to grow, perform, and thrive.​​

a progression plan for a senior developer that is build with AI
employee looking at the best opportunity to grow in the organization

Role suggestions

Recommend the next best opportunity

It can be hard for employees to know what the next stepping stone should be. Workleap makes tailored recommendations based on your employees' skill level and progression plan when new opportunities arise. Everyone gets an equal opportunity to grow their capabilities and careers, plus you propel business productivity by leveraging the right talent for new projects.

Mentor recommendations

Match employees with the perfect mentors

Workleap matches employees with the right mentors for their needs based on their skill level and the roles they covet. That way, they can collaborate with their mentors on crafting the right progression plan to reach their goals faster.

list of different mentors available based on their expertise
employee looking at the progression as a new senior python developer

Progression tab

Visualize the ideal career path for any role​​

Workleap Skills’ career progression tab gives every employee a transparent view of what it takes to get ready for a desired role. No guesswork, no politics, just a simple and actionable plan that everyone can put in action to get to the next level.

Progression & skills gaps reports​

Give managers full visibility into their employees' growth

Workleap helps managers keep the finger on the pulse of their employees' growth with real-time progression plans and skills gap reports. This enables more effective coaching to nudge employees in the right direction to unleash their potential. It makes performance management proactive and ongoing rather than reactive or quarterly.

manager looking at the career progression of the team members
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35+ integrations out of the box​

Automatically import job opportunities from your ATS

Workleap Skills offers a wide range of 35+ integrations that can be effortlessly set up with just one click. This allows you to seamlessly connect to your HRIS to craft data-driven progression plans tailored to each employee.

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Grow your people.
Unlock potential.

Workleap Skills helps you unlock your team’s full potential and instantly create value for your organization. Try it today and find out for yourself!