One source of truth for all your roles and requirements

Workleap Skills streamlines role creation and recommendation to provide your team with a collaborative and centralized hub where role requirements, gaps, and next steps are accessible across the entire organization.

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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience

AI-assisted progression plans​

Create roles and job descriptions in minutes with AI​

Workleap Skills leverages ChatGPT and 75 million job market data points to help you create, manage, and update roles efficiently across the entire organization. That way, you can keep your team up-to-date, organized, and aligned with a transparent directory of roles and requirements.

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internal expert to set-up role directory

Collaborative and centralized​

Collaborate with experts to set up your role directory

Workleap Skills enables you to seamlessly invite managers and subject-matter experts to collaborate on roles and make sure there is one source of truth for all job requirements and descriptions. The result: a centralized role directory that will become your cornerstone for employee progression planning and internal mobility.

Progression Tab

Visualize the ideal career path for any role​

Workleap Skills career progression tab gives every employee a transparent view of what it takes to get ready for a desired role. No guesswork, no politics, just a simple and actionable plan that everyone can put in action to get to the next level.

visualization of a career progression as a senior python developer
skills gaps reporting to identify the next steps for employees

Skills gaps reports​

Uncover skills gaps for any role

Workleap Skills gives managers and employees an instant view of their skills gaps for any given role across the organization. This enables them to craft tangible and actionable progression plans to bridge the gap and accelerate their growth to get to the next level or make the lateral move that they dream of.

35+ integrations out of the box​

Enhance career path creation with HRIS & ATS integrations

Workleap Skills offers a wide range of 35+ integrations that can be effortlessly set up with just one click. This allows you to seamlessly connect to your HRIS to automatically create career paths and enrich them with an AI trained with 75 million job market data points.

ATS integrations with Workleap Skills
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Workleap helps you unlock your team’s full potential and create value for your organization instantly. Try it today and find out for yourself!