Don't leave succession
​planning to chance​

Workleap Skills gives you a 360-degree view of your business to more accurately identify your rising stars wherever they are. Uncover your future leaders within the organization by removing the proximity bias and making sure everyone has a fair shot at advancing their career in the new hybrid work reality.

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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience

Progression tab

Fill critical roles ​with rising stars​

Workleap Skills provides you with a wealth of knowledge about the skills and readiness of your workforce to help you uncover your potential future leaders. Our role succession planning feature helps you identify the next best individuals who are ready to step up and fill critical roles within your organization, ensuring that your team continues to thrive for decades.

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Employee interests tab​

Tap into your people's interests and ambitions​

Workleap Skills gives you full visibility into your employees' skills and interests right from the start. That way, you can craft tailored progression plans, provide them with personalized training and coaching, and strategically groom your successors based on their interests, ambitions, and potential.

Employee progression tab​

Recommend the next best role for your employee's growth​

Workleap Skills' AI-generated employee progression plans enable managers to make role recommendations based on their employees' skills and career paths. Say goodbye to guesswork. You can now make data-driven recommendations to engage your employees and push them forward.

recommended roles for next career steps
actionable progression plans with great succession planning

Succession planning tab​

Make coaching more tangible with actionable progression plans​

Theory is great, practice is better. Workleap Skills makes coaching more tangible and effective with actionable progression plans designed to guide employees toward their next role. Managers and mentors can, therefore, focus their coaching on developing specific skills and achieving key milestones, making the process more engaging and goal-oriented for their mentees.

35+ integrations out of the box​

Enhance career path creation with HRIS & ATS integrations

Workleap Skills offers a wide range of 35+ integrations that can be effortlessly set up with just one click. This allows you to seamlessly connect to your HRIS to automatically create career paths and enrich them with an AI trained with 75 million job market data points.

ATS integrations with Workleap Skills
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Make succession planning pain-free.​

Workleap Skills helps you unlock your team’s full potential and create value for your organization instantly. Try it today and find out for yourself!