Data-driven performance reviews

Help managers conduct effective and unbiased reviews thanks to a rich record of performance collected over the entire year.

Officevibe’s Performance review questionnaire, with a summary of the employee’s goals, Good Vibes and 1-on-1 notes.
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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience

Embark on a simple and effective review experience

Managers and employees review a shared record of performance.


Managers and employees review a shared record of performance. No more discouraging surprises come review time.

A manager that uses the Officevibe Performance management tool.


Most tools make performance reviews feel like climbing Everest. We make it simple, intuitive, and automated for managers and HR.

A manager that enjoys the friendly Officevibe employee-friendly tool.

Ready for next steps

A continuous performance process that sets regular performance checkpoints to keep the conversation going.


Performance data on-demand

Automatically pull performance data and insights into the review process. Past one-on-one notes, recognition, and Goals data points create a rich, timely record. All are generated by managers and employees using Officevibe in their day-to-day.

Employee’s performance context panel, showcasing their goals and progress, peer Good Vibes and feedback, and 1-on-1 summaries.
Officevibe’s quarterly performance review template, covering accomplishments, obstacles and upcoming focus areas.


Simple to get started, easy to customize

Quickly get started with our best practice templates for managers or self-reviews. Customize templates to your specific needs at any time.


Rate performance your way

Create reviews with ratings and customizable scales. Then, easily export performance data at the end of your review period.

Officevibe’s flexible rating scale to customize the evaluation of all questions that appear in the performance review form.
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The simplest employee experience solution that provides insights and tools to transform your organization on day 1, not in 6 months.