Employee experience starts with onboarding

Say goodbye to endless manual work and streamline your new hire experience. Workleap makes newcomers productive and engaged from day one.

A video for Workleap Onboarding explains the benefits and key features of Workleap Onboarding app to easily onboard your new employees and hires.
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AI-Generated Templates

Create onboarding plans in minutes with AI

Convert existing onboarding materials into beautifully designed, interactive plans that capture your company's culture and values. Save a ton of time with our simple, collaborative, drag-and-drop builder and ready-made templates.

Automated workflows

Book multiple meetings in a single click

Tired of manually booking onboarding meetings? Let Workleap Onboarding do the heavy lifting for you with nifty meeting scheduling automation and integrations with Outlook and Google to make the onboarding process a breeze for you and your new hires.

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Surveys and reports

Keep newcomers engaged and productive

Gain clarity and enhance productivity with discussion boards and surveys that empower new hires to ask questions, report blockers, and track progress at every step.

everything you need to

Make onboarding a breeze

Connect new team members with the colleagues, tasks, and tools they need to succeed.
Boost productivity, engagement, and retention – all from one place. 

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Welcome videos

Deliver a meaningful welcome to each new hire with Workleap’s built-in recorder. Customize messages, videos, and resources to make them feel valued and part of the team.

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Seamless HRIS integration

New employee entries in your HRIS automatically trigger onboarding requests, making sure no hire slips through a crack.

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Centralized resources

Gather all your onboarding materials and cross-team collaborators in one place to create a seamless experience that’s free from headaches and big on productivity.

"Onboarding can be overwhelming. However, Workleap enables you to juggle your duties in a more organized and graceful fashion."

Amir Tajkarimi
CEO at Lexop

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Have your new hires hit the ground running

Experience stress-free, turnkey onboarding with software that enhances productivity and meaningful connections from the first day onwards.