We fixed onboarding and made it smarter

Offer a stellar start for every new hire. Workleap is your one-stop-shop solution that structures, streamlines, and automates your onboarding processes.

New employee Onboarding made easy! Shows how easy it is to create welcome videos and onboarding plans for new employees.


Prep new hires’ arrival down to the T

Make sure your newcomers have everything they need to succeed from day one.
Workleap Onboarding streamlines collaboration between HR, IT, and hiring managers to create simple, actionable, and delightful onboarding plans.

illustration showing collaboration between mentor manager HR and buddy

Cross-department collaboration 

Assign tasks to key stakeholders and make sure everything is in place (tasks, documents, checklists, equipment, etc.) for newcomer’s first day. 

employee recording a video to help the new hire before day 1

Pre-arrival communication 

Send messages, share videos and key documents to new hires at their personal email to prepare them for day one and build excitement before their arrival. 

video of an employee recording a welcome video for a new hire

Built-in video

Invite managers and teammates to record a personalized welcome video to create a heart-warming experience and an instant sense of belonging with their new team.


Set higher standards
for your new hire experience

Level up your onboarding experience with an intuitive interface that gives every new hire
clarity and comfort. Feel organized and efficient with the right tools to train and
communicate at your fingertips.

HR editing an onboarding activity in Workleap Onboarding

Well-organized agenda
with clear expectations 

Centralize all activities, resources, and people in one place with a clear agenda to complete and goals to achieve. 

slack and microsoft teams notifications

Notifications in Slack
or Microsoft Teams 

Set daily reminders via your preferred communication channels to keep new
hires on track. 

a new hire answering an onboarding survey

Discussion board
and surveys 

Designed to empower new hires to ask
their questions, report blockers, and track progress at every step. 

Pair with Workleap Skills & LMS

Train and upskill your new hires

Welcoming colleagues back from leave? Transitioning team members to a new role?
Employee training is for more than just new hires. Workleap has you covered to upskill from within, helping your people easily adapt and thrive at your company.

Employee Onboarding Icon 4-1

Make learning easy

Deploy training on company policies, safety and compliance, role requirements, and skills to develop. Workleap centralizes assets, agendas, checklists, and goals, plus connects to LMS.

Employee Onboarding Icon 5 1

Propel career progression 

Empower new managers with playbooks, policies, and all the key resources and people they need to guide employee development.

Employee Onboarding Icon 6 1

Reboard and crossboard

Welcome back returning colleagues with ease and make them feel at home with useful updates and personalized messages from colleagues. 

Icon of steps getting checked

Start strong with seamless onboarding

Workleap is your all-in-one destination to build your onboarding process, delight newcomers, and measure the impact.