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Officevibe's Pulse Survey

Anonymous feedback & messaging

Good Vibes Recognition

1-1 meetings

Goals and OKRs

Metric reporting & eNPS

O365, Slack & Google integrations

Unlimited data history & teams

Engagement focus areas & action plans

Team and industry benchmarking

Question-level reporting

Phone and chat support

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Use simple, flexible tools to design a performance management process tailored to your needs.

Easy-to-use performance reviews

Manager and self reviews

Lightweight checkpoints for continuous feedback

Review cycle management

Customizable best-practice templates

Real-time performance cycle reporting

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1 month data history,
1 team limit

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Tools & features


Workleap Onboarding - Create effective onboarding plans to engage new hires (Learn more)

Automated Pulse Surveys

Onboarding survey

Custom Surveys

Anonymous Feedback & Messaging


Google and Outlook calendar integration

Action items

Goals & OKRs

Good Vibes peer-to-peer recognition

Team insights

Team leadership


Blog & management resources

Feedback guidance

1-on-1 Talking Points recommendations

Officevibe Custom Survey & 1-on-1 Templates

Your own personal Custom Survey & 1-on-1 Templates

Your organization’s Custom Survey & 1-on-1 Templates

Your organization’s custom Good Vibes collections & cards

Learning Center

Employee spotlight for performance reviews



Unlimited data history

*Free plan includes 30 days

Report sharing

Pulse Survey report

Feedback topic analysis

Suggested actions

Onboarding survey report

Goals report

Good Vibes report

Feedback report

Custom survey report

Comparison reports

Question report

1-on-1 participation report

Data Export

Administration & controls


Slack & Teams Pulse Survey integration

Bulk Provisioning

O365, Slack & Google provisioning

O365, Slack & Google SSO


*We support only IDP-initiated flows

Group & organize feedback

Toggle Good Vibes collections & cards on/off

Pulse Survey custom terms

Report sharing controls

Permission controls

Segment & rule creation

HRIS provisioning

*BambooHR integration available in Pro and Business

Custom integrations (API)

Technical Support and Customer Success


Email support

Support calls

*Available upon request through our ticketing system

Live Chat

*During team’s available time

Ask The Product Expert live sessions

*Coming soon

Dedicated CSM (For 100+ users)

Empower your Officevibe journey with a dedicated Customer Success Manager – your strategic partner in maximizing product value, driving adoption, and ensuring your success every step of the way.

The Support and Customer Success teams are available from Monday to Friday 9am-5pm EST

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asked questions

Do I need to pay a set-up fee to use Workleap software?

No, there isn’t a set-up fee for Workleap software. You can sign up for free and start using our software right away! If you love our tools and decide to upgrade to a paid plan, you will only pay for your monthly or annual subscription. 

How long does it take to implement Workleap software at my organization?  

All Workleap software can be launched and operational on your own within minutes! They’re designed to be usable immediately, with easy customization options to fit your specific needs. Looking for additional help? You also have access to dedicated support and training resources — we're here to make this process as fast and smooth as possible!

What are Workleap’s data security standards?

Your data security is our top priority. Our comprehensive Security Program relies on a wide variety of technical and organizational measures, such as encryption, vulnerability management and access controls, to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your data, in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations, such as the GDPR and CCPA. You can find out more about those measures here. Workleap has reached SOC2 compliance. To obtain a copy of our latest SOC2 report, contact a Workleap sales representative.

Do you provide customer support?

Our Support Team is available Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Time.

What are the different levels of access to Officevibe?

4 different roles are available in Officevibe: Administrators, Company Managers, Group Managers, and Users. The level of access is determined by the role. You can read more about their specific access here: Members’ Roles & Access Rights

What is your privacy policy?

You can find information on our Privacy Policies and how Data is handled at Officevibe here: Privacy policy

Which languages do you support?

We provide our Support to all Users in English and French. Our platform language is available in French and English only. You can read more here: Language Preferences

What happens after my 14-day trial?

When your trial expires, you will be moved to the Free plan if you choose it or by default if you do not choose a different plan. This means the first team you created is the only one that will remain in your account, and you will be assigned as the Team Manager for that team.

All members from other teams (including Team Managers) will remain in your Officevibe account but will fall under one team. You won’t be able to view Goals from other teams, filter Survey Reports by team, or see 1-on-1 agendas members planned with other Team Managers before the switch.

Learn more about how our Free plan works.

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