Employee role and responsibilities template

In our internal research involving thousands of managers, the consistent top priority is crystal clear: setting and communicating clear roles, responsibilities, and expectations to employees.

However, managers express dissatisfaction with their current ability to execute this crucial task effectively, often citing a lack of proper tools and guidance as obstacles. That's precisely why we've developed this one-on-one template.

Our template for clarifying roles and responsibilities will enable you to identify any gaps or ambiguities in the way employees understand their roles, responsibilities, goals, and overall expectations. With collaborative dialogue and private notes provided for each talking point, you'll emerge from the conversation aligned and ready to support your team members effectively.

Template to clarify roles and responsibilities
Manager and employee discussing roles and responsibilities

Impact of clearly defined roles and responsibilities

No employee wants to feel uncertain about whether they're focusing on the right tasks and whether they're aligned with team and business goals. Increasingly, employees are seeking clear accountability to derive a sense of accomplishment from their work. Simply put, accountable employees manage their workload in line with team objectives, seek assistance proactively, and take ownership of their mistakes. Isn't that every manager's dream?

That’s why defining roles, responsibilities, and expectations is key to creating accountability.

Here’s our technique to drive employee accountability:

  1. Meet with employees individually to clearly outline their roles and responsibilities using our employee roles and responsibilities template.
  2. Once every team member’s role is understood, set clear, measurable smart goals with your employees to have something meaningful to work towards.
  3. Have regular, structured one-on-ones with employees to monitor their progress, give constructive feedback, and revisit their goals when needed.
  4. If you notice someone’s productivity dropping, meet with them to discuss it. Approach them with compassion and ask questions to open up the conversation using a template specifically designed for this occasion.

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