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AI for HR crash course

Learn the dos and don'ts of AI for HR — and score free actionable resources — in this one-week email course.

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Refine the entire employee experience using AI

In five email lessons, you'll score AI best practices for recruitment, onboarding, engagement surveys, performance management, L&D, and talent development. (Whew, talk about an AI for HR crash course!)

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What’s inside

“How do I leverage AI?” is on every HR team’s mind right now. Get all the answers in one place. (Plus, a ton of free resources!)


Lesson 1: Flawless first impressions: AI in recruitment & onboarding

Get an essential guide on ethical AI.


Lesson 2: AI & employee engagement: Better, faster insights

Learn how to use AI in surveys and feedback.


Lesson 3: Performance management: Enabling managers using AI

Find three ready-to-use AI prompts.


Lesson 4: Course creation made easy with AI chatbots

Save this one-pager on L&D AI prompts.


Lesson 5: Talent development, but make it AI-powered

Score handy reads for your managers.

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