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Workleap acquires Pingboard, an EX software with 🔥 org chart and employee directory tools. Learn more.

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Building a winning case for employee experience solutions 

EX is a precursor to everything — from customer satisfaction to employee turnover and overall business performance. 

To drive your HR initiatives past the finish line, it’s important to get buy-in and support from the top. But you can only get there with an air-tight business case built with executive needs and concerns in mind. This free toolkit will help you do just that! 

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What’s in the toolkit?

  • Executive summary: Quick start guide to winning executive support for your HR investment
  • Cheat sheet on how to do business with the C-suite
  • Stakeholder collaboration action plan
  • List of discovery questions for identifying business challenges
  • Objection handling: A script for handling executives’ questions about EX software
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