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A collection of templates to make managing easier

See how equipping your leaders with the right resources can accelerate your business success. Save time and download this quick-to-use template toolbox made for essential management processes.

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Lead with confidence

Keeping on top of leadership duties can feel like an overwhelming task — but we’ve got you. Stay organized and prepared for the most important moments with these templates. Each includes:

  • Best practices to help guide your approach
  • Talking points and sample questions to follow
  • Example plan, checklist, or agenda, depending on the task
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What’s included in the toolbox

1 1 Agenda Icon

One-on-one meeting agenda template

Set a routine 1-on-1 practice with a meeting agenda and talking points to follow.

Stay Interview Template Icon

Stay interview template

Understand what keeps your team members engaged & committed to your company.

Employee Onboarding Template Icon

Employee onboarding plan template

Checklist and sample activities to map out pre-boarding through to the 1-year mark.

Career Development Icon

Career development plan template

Support your team members and coach them in mapping out a career development plan.

Role Responsibilities Icon

Clarify roles and responsibilities template

Discuss employee expectations, identify any gaps, and drive accountability & productivity.

Team Goal Template Icon

Team goal-setting workshop template

Lead a team goal-setting workshop to align each employee with business objectives.

Poor Performance Icon

Addressing poor performance template

Talking points and agenda to guide your conversations around improving performance.

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