Learning-based strategies to boost engagement and productivity

Featuring Julie Jeannotte, HR Expert & Researcher at Workleap, and Mathieu Dumont, Product Director on Workleap LMS

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In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The impact of career development on engagement and productivity 
  • How to digitize the employee experience without sacrificing engagement 
  • How to prioritize learning on your HR roadmap without content creation burnout 
  • The underrated power of strategic employee upskilling for organizational growth 
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Who’s talking

Join Julie Jeannotte, employee experience expert, live for a one-time event and Q&A on how employee development can improve productivity at work.   

Your host

Julie Jeannotte

HR Expert & Researcher, Workleap

Julie’s (or JJ as we like to call her) life’s mission is to help organizations understand the value of placing their people at the heart of their strategy and business. Her background, research, and innate curiosity give her a unique perspective on day-to-day team challenges and the ever-evolving world of work.

Anyone who knows JJ knows this: she’s a wildflower who speaks from the heart. Inspired by the uniqueness of individuals and driven by the power of collectivity, she focuses on bringing out the best in humans to create meaningful change.

Speaker Julie Min

Your host

Mathieu Dumont

Product Director on Workleap LMS

As a co-founder of Didacte (now Workleap LMS), Mathieu is a passionate advocate for sustainable entrepreneurship. He believes in the profound impact humans can have on organizational performance.

Driven by a fascination for streamlining processes for optimal efficiency, he thrives in challenging conventional norms and exploring overlooked solutions. By embracing a unique approach, he breaks away from social conventions to uncover innovative paths.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a visionary mindset, he is dedicated to driving positive change and inspiring growth in the world of HR and beyond.

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