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Performance review nightmare: Waking up to a better way

Featuring Julie Jeannotte, HR expert and researcher at Workleap, and Christie Hoffman, host of Flip Flops & People Ops podcast

Live event with Julie and Christie

In this webinar, we'll dive into:

  • What’s wrong with traditional approaches to performance management
  • Why it's important to get performance management right
  • Whose buy-in you need to make change happen 
  • What a better solution looks like
  • How to implement new-and-improved strategies 
An employee who has all the tools to perform well in their job.

Meet your hosts

Your host

Julie Jeannote

Workleap HR expert & researcher

Julie brings over two decades of experience as an HR leader and coach. She wears multiple hats in her current role at Workleap, including strategic product advisor, HR researcher, and Vibe Check podcast host.

In the industry, Julie's known for keeping HR conversations relatable and real. At the core of her work is staying ahead of HR market trends and building innovative solutions centered around people.

Julie Jeannotte
Christie Hoffman

Your host

Christie Hoffman

Host of Flip Flops & People Ops podcast

Christie is a workplace experience expert and host of the popular podcast, Flip Flops & People Ops.

Embracing a true people-first mentality, her high-energy webinars and workshops provide practical advice, templates, and memorable metaphors that make it easy to understand why driving employee engagement isn’t as hard as you think.

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