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VIBE: Human-generated culture

The new distributed work reality has shifted the employee experience (EX), everyday interactions, and company customs. And with these changes, it’s time to rethink workplace culture. 


Here’s one thing we uncovered in this zine: a thriving, genuine culture is not something you can create. But with the right mindset — and help from your team — you can curate it and watch it become the best version of itself. 

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What’s in the zine? 

Unlock researched content, insightful data, real-life advice from HR professionals, and upcoming trends so that you can: 

  • Adapt to ever-evolving work realities 
  • Make your workplace culture come to life 
  • Keep employees happy and engaged 
  • Foster a culture of recognition in any setting 
  • Enhance your employer brand to ease recruitment 
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Don’t just believe the hype.
Experience it yourself.

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