2nd edition oF Vibe Zine

VIBE: Inspiring people leadership

A focus on engagement, retention, and profitability

The workplace has seen fundamental changes over the last several years. But change can be deeply cathartic and even act as the catalyst for resiliency and growth during times of disruption.

In this second edition, we hope to lift the fog on how HR teams can help support their managers. We’ll explore how to empower and engage employees in the current competitive landscape of work.

Cover of Vibe Issue No.2

engagement, retention, and profitability

What’s in the zine? 

  • Tips on how HR leaders can improve employee retention and strengthen engagement 
  • The real cost of employee turnover (and how you can prevent it)  
  • Thoughts from leaders at Workleap on the current and future state of work 
  • A conversation with a mental health expert on the importance of mindfulness at work 
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