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The simplest way to train new hires

Workleap LMS makes it easy to create and manage courses specifically tailored to new hires needs.

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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience

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Great content, better onboarding

With its intuitive interface and flexible features, Workleap LMS makes delivering engaging training content easy, no matter your onboarding process.

Key features:

  • Course creation and management
  • Learning tracking and reporting
  • New hire learning paths
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Quizzes and automation

More than a collection of trainings

Workleap LMS learning paths are perfect to highlight your business culture and teach your new hires about all the intangible things that make your company what it is. Use it to easily share guidelines and expectations and provide the clarity they need to succeed right from the start.

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Improve your employee’s work experience

An employee onboarding LMS is not only a quick fix for business-related issues; it is a long-term investment that any business makes to enhance new employees' performance, retention, and satisfaction. Plus, its mobile-friendly platform can provide employees with the necessary knowledge on their phones before meeting customers or while working.

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Developing the skills of your employees is not an expense; it's an investment.

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asked questions

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

An LMS is an eLearning platform that helps create and deliver online learning experiences, track employee progress, and measure performance. The components and features of an LMS system vary depending on the organization's objectives, instructional approach, and desired results. Generally speaking, content such as audio, documents, videos and tests are uploaded to the LMS platform to be available remotely for learners.

What is employee onboarding?

An onboarding process is a critical part of the employee journey and an important element of the employee experience. It is the process of welcoming new hires and introducing them to their roles, teams, and company culture. Companies use onboarding tools to guide and manage the process, such as learning management software.

Onboarding software can be a great way to improve the onboarding process and the overall employee experience. It can help streamline the onboarding process, automate tasks, and provide employees with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

How does an LMS improve the employee onboarding process?

Learning management software provides companies with tools to create and deliver learning content, such as courses, modules, and activities. It also provides a platform for user management and tracking of employee performance.

Use the software to:

  • Create custom onboarding programs tailored to each role's needs.
  • Create learning paths with tasks, resources, and learning materials to help employees understand their roles, the company culture, and their responsibilities
  • Create online courses with custom content and training materials.
  • Automate and streamline onboarding tasks, track employee engagement and performance, and provide feedback and support. (Automating repetitive tasks also saves time and resources).
  • Provide consistent onboarding experience for remote employees with easy access to learning materials and resources.

How quickly can I get the software up and running?

Research involving employee onboarding software indicates that 76% of companies have adopted a Learning Management System (LMS) to streamline their new hire processes. This statistic highlights the importance of such systems in helping businesses navigate through complex and lengthy onboarding tasks. With this in mind, it is essential for organizations to understand how quickly they can get an LMS up and running for successful onboarding.

Is training provided to help trainers use the onboarding software?

Using employee onboarding software can be like navigating a maze; it is difficult to find a way out when you don’t have the right guidance. Workleap's offering provides an interactive and user-friendly learning management system for companies seeking efficient onboarding solutions.

The answer to this question is yes, as one of the primary objectives of using such a platform is to ensure that people in charge of training understand how the system works and how they can benefit from it. Training helps make sure that employees become familiar with the different features available in the LMS, including registration processes, course completion procedures, and tracking progress over time.

Can the employee onboarding software be customized to match our company's branding?

Employee onboarding software is a critical resource for organizations as it streamlines the process of bringing new hires up to speed. A successful implementation of such technology can be enhanced by being able to customize the look and feel of the platform so that it aligns with company branding. This question, “Can the software be customized to match our company’s branding?” will be discussed in this article.

An example illustrating how important customization is for employee onboarding systems can be seen at Valoris. The organization utilizes an e-learning system that reinforces their corporate values and helps employees learn about products, processes, and procedures more quickly than traditional methods. As part of its design, Valoris also customizes the user experience to fit its brand identity — from color schemes down to imagery featured within lessons.

Customizing employee onboarding platforms need not only focus on appearances but also have functional benefits, too. Companies may add additional features during setup, such as single sign-on capabilities or automation tools that help manage various parts of the workflow. Such solutions make it easier for companies to deploy advanced training packages without needing major technical support from external sources.

Is there a way to track employee progress and employee experience with the onboarding software?

Employee onboarding software is designed to help companies introduce and acclimate new employees into the workplace. Tracking employee progress over time is a key way of measuring success in this process. Workleap LMS employee onboarding software provides a comprehensive solution enabling organizations to monitor their employee's development through the onboarding process, with visibility into how long it takes for an individual to complete tasks or reach certain milestones.

Tracking progress during employee onboarding gives organizations valuable insights into areas where improvements can be made - such as identifying gaps in knowledge transfer between supervisors and employees, providing personalized guidance based on individual strengths/weaknesses, and creating opportunities for meaningful interactions between coworkers. By leveraging data collected from tracking progress within their onboarding program, businesses can ensure more successful integrations for both existing staff members and incoming talent.