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Make onboarding smooth and organized

Say goodbye to clutter and chaos! Embrace success as Workleap Onboarding streamlines processes, guiding new hires on a focused path to their full potential — all aligned with your goals, all from one place.

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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience

WORKLEAP onboarding

Bring organization and efficiency to your onboarding process

A simpler path to success. Workleap Onboarding guides the way with structured plans and scaleable templates, ensuring a smooth journey for every new hire — centralized & focused.

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Wave goodbye to tedious paperwork and say hello to simplified onboarding. Our trusty sidekick is here to declutter your desk and add hours to your day.

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Efficiency unleashed

Rev up your onboarding engine with streamlined processes and snazzy templates. Consistency is king, and productivity is through the roof. Get ready to soar.

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Engagement galore

Roll out the red carpet for an onboarding experience that dazzles. Set the stage for triumph with a seamless journey that turns new hires into raving fans.

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Manage every task from one single place

Stop the struggle to keep track of tasks, progress, paperwork, and employee data. It’s time for a change.

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Task management made simple

Glide through onboarding with our streamlined task managers. It's your trusty guide for juggling task deadlines without breaking a sweat. Say adios to chaos and hello to everyone ticking off to-do lists like pros.

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Your onboarding command center

Gather your squad, tools, and resources under one roof. Our central hub is the ultimate sidekick for new hires, keeping fumbles and distractions at bay. It’s all here - everything everyone needs - in one place.

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Teamwork makes the dream work

Craft plans together, divvy up tasks, set goals and milestones, and keep tabs on progress. Our collaborative workflows are the secret sauce for seamless communication and a buttery smooth onboarding — all stakeholders are in sync.

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Streamline, organize, and automate your onboarding process using our 50+ integrations.

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Easy, stress-free onboarding… ​for free.

Workleap helps you build your onboarding process, onboard newcomers, and measure the impact. All in one place.