Using Workleap Officevibe to transform employees into ambassadors

With Analiese Brown, VP of People & Culture at CampMinder.

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CampMinder is a summer camp management software. It helps camps achieve their goals by making essential management functions, like online registration, healthcare, staffing, transportation, cabin & group assignments, simple and centralized.

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Company size 53

Industry Computer software

As a company, employee engagement is CampMinder’s top priority. And it shows: the summer camp software company has managed to maintain an overall Workleap Officevibe Engagement score of 8.7/10 over the last 12 months.

Crafting long-term people strategies

The Workleap Officevibe engagement score is also the number-one indicator Analiese Brown, VP of Talent & Culture, looks out for. It’s her key metric for success – she reports on it weekly within the Executive Leadership team to prompt discussions on changes, whether good or bad.

I really look at Workleap Officevibe to inform my decisions and to find out where we should be spending our time.

Analiese Brown, VP of Talent & Culture at CampMinder

Quarterly, she uses Workleap Officevibe to take a step back and look at upcoming priorities, and to predict where the Talent and Culture team should focus. That could mean looking at anonymous comments in aggregate, or it could mean looking at a particular metric and understanding that it’s time to start tackling or revamping a specific initiative.

"Workleap Officevibe informs a lot of what I do on both a micro and macro level."

Preventing turnover

Analiese tracks CampMinder’s Workleap Officevibe scores daily to see if they’ve changed and approaches feedback responses the same way. According to her, that’s what makes all the difference when it comes to retention.

"There are moments when I read a piece of feedback that tips me off to the fact that someone may be struggling, or needs to have a conversation. When I see that, I act on it."

Rather than adding to her workload, this kind of feedback helps to lighten it. She calls it a leading indicator that helps her tackle issues before they become problems that lead to great employees quitting.

Turnover itself isn’t very actionable, but what I love about Workleap Officevibe is that it gives us those insights while we can still do something about it.

Attracting key talent

Right from her first interview, Analiese could see her CEO’s investment in employee engagement. His devotion to creating a great organizational culture and using Workleap Officevibe to overcome challenges was part of the reason she decided to join CampMinder. Engaged employees are crucial ambassadors who help to improve the quality of applicants and their fit with a company.

CampMinder's eNPS showing an excellent score of 65

In fact, CampMinder’s employee Net Promoter Score, a number that tells an organization how likely their employees are to recommend it as a place to work, is almost unparalleled. While an eNPS can range from –100 to +100, anything above 0 is considered good. A score above 50 is thought to be excellent. Workleap Officevibe has calculated CampMinder’s eNPS at 65.

Building initiatives with direct impact

Using Workleap Officevibe to highlight issues that need attention, Analiese works to improve engagement, retain her people, and ultimately make them happier.

"It’s really gratifying to get this data and see the work that’s being done on our end validated."

The most significant initiative to date, she says, came from feedback CampMinder regularly received around Paid Time Off (PTO), which was also affecting their Satisfaction metric. So, two years ago, they decided to experiment with Trust-Based PTO and expanded parental leave. Then, they sent out a Custom Poll to find out what employees thought of the new programs. Two years later, they still get overwhelmingly positive feedback around these changes.

It’s been a pretty clear success story for the organization. Workleap Officevibe was instrumental in putting that initiative in place.

CampMinder’s dedication to acknowledging survey data has led to an employee participation rate of over 85% in weekly Pulse Surveys, further strengthening the quality of CampMinder’s data, and creating the positive feedback loop that all great Workleap Officevibe users experience. More data means more accurate information, which leads to winning initiatives.

A view of CampMinder's Highest Officevibe Metrics

CampMinder’s key benefits:

  • Workleap Officevibe’s short and long-term views empower CampMinder to build strong, effective people strategies;
  • Clear data tells CampMinder which initiatives to take to create a happier workforce;
  • HR leverages Workleap Officevibe data to prevent turnover and tackle issues before they become problems;
  • Workleap Officevibe appeals to the employees CampMinder would like to hire, improving recruitment fit and their brand as an employer.

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