How a fintech startup scaled & streamlined their onboarding

Explore how Lexop, a fintech company aiding world-renowned businesses in enhancing their collections process through digital, empathetic, and flexible solutions, elevated their onboarding process with Workleap Onboarding.

Lexop using Workleap to onboard their new hires
Logo Lexop

Lexop is a leading digital payment and collection software solution that empowers members to self-cure their late bills. With advanced automation capabilities, data analytics, and an intuitive payment portal, they streamline the entire collection process, making it more efficient and cost-effective than traditional methods.

Location Montreal, Canada

Company size 50

Industry Technology

About the company

Lexop is a financial technology company that helps organizations automate and scale their collections operations, significantly improving their self-cure rates and cash flow. Our technology streamlines the entire process, making it more efficient and cost-effective to recover outstanding funds than traditional methods. In 2023, Lexop was recognized by G2 as the #1 collections software in terms of effectiveness. Click here for a short explanatory video.

Some stats about Lexop in 18 months:

  • 200% increase in headcount (37 new hires)
  • 100% employee retention rate
  • 98% new hire satisfaction

The challenge

In the bustling world of fintech startups, Lexop found itself grappling with a common yet critical challenge - onboarding.

As the company grew, the process of integrating new hires into the team became increasingly complex. The People Department and management were spending valuable time coordinating with hiring managers and personalizing onboarding experiences, especially for remote hires. The result? A drain on resources and
a very manual onboarding experience for new employees.

The solution

Workleap Onboarding's onboarding platform offered Lexop the tools they needed to transform their onboarding process. With features like onboarding templates, pulse surveys, video requests, and reminders, Workleap Onboarding allowed Lexop to create a detailed and personalized onboarding experience for each new hire. The platform also provided a way for Lexop to track the onboarding progress in real-time and set up a buddy system for new employees.

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