How BioScript Solutions used Workleap Officevibe to increase their employee wellness during hard times

We sat down with Nellie Rousselle to talk about what she and her team did to keep their employees engaged and feel appreciated, including implementing Workleap Officevibe.

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BioScript Solutions provides access to complex drug therapies and delivers full-service specialty care solutions for patients with chronic health conditions.

Location Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Company size 460+

Industry Healthcare

As an engagement specialist, Nellie Rousselle can appreciate the effect of looking out for employees’ well-being, especially during challenging times. 

Her role at BioScript Solutions, an organization operating on the international level based in Moncton, New Brunswick, first meant building a recruitment strategy to help with growth, and a retention strategy to ensure teams are seen, heard, and taken care of.

Within her first year at the company providing specialty care to Canadian patients, BioScript grew exponentially by 250 new people. This growth allowed her to explore more deeply the best recruitment practices and coaching methods with leaders in the organization.

While they are based in Moncton, they also have teams across the country. When growth and team building was in full swing, the pandemic hit.

How did BioScript start using Workleap Officevibe?

In 2020, I transitioned into the role of engagement specialist. Part of my first task was to look at ways in which we could measure engagement and coach leaders on how to assess and improve our team members’ experience. So, I started researching various tools and processes. Workleap Officevibe was very easy to understand and assess what the platform offers. It was also something we could use frequently. From my experience in HR, including at BioScript, we were used to using more traditional methods of measuring engagement yearly with a 60-question survey. That also meant receiving the results months after survey completion.

Bioscript Interviewee

One thing that stands out when dealing with people is that they change all the time, sometimes several times during the day. Since feelings shift so often, we needed to increase the frequency at which we checked in.

Nellie Rousselle, Engagement Specialist at Bioscript Solutions

Workleap Officevibe allowed us to see if there were trends throughout the year that our business was experiencing. Better understanding how our employees feel enables us to be more ready as a business to understand better how we could help.

How did BioScript help maintain employee wellness high during the pandemic?

We definitely increased communication and transparency with our team members. The cofounders and directing managers would host monthly town halls where all the employees were invited. They’d share what had been happening with the business, and what was coming, and really took the time to acknowledge that they understood that it was not an easy time. They took the opportunity to express how they appreciated that people showed up every day and did the work that they did.

They shared testimonials that our clients received from patients so they could really highlight what was happening every day and show team members how they were directly contributing and having an impact. We also added that layer of flexibility to the work environment. Depending on their role, employees could work either from home or from the office. We have a pool of team members working from home since the pandemic started and they haven’t returned since.

Some employees are doing hybrid work, where they’ll spend a few days in the office per week or month, then work from home the rest of the time. At the same time, we also have team members that must be present in some of our facilities because they provide care directly to patients. So, our nurses and pharmacy staff have been present in their locations since day one. It was really important for us to ensure that we supported them in their wellness and mental health journey. We added benefits and increased the budget for those benefits.

Want to learn more about Nellie’s experience with Workleap Officevibe? Check out the full interview here:

How did Workleap Officevibe contribute to that?

Workleap Officevibe enabled us to add that extra layer of sharing honest feedback and giving input in a way that we could collectively put together to see what our focal point should be, based on what our team members are sharing. We could analyze what we saw using the tool and prioritize from there.

When we launched the tool in 2020, wellness was one of our lowest metrics. I definitely encourage team leaders and managers to use the tool to check in regularly.

When you have your team meetings, you’re able to pull your data and look at your lowest metrics. You can then open the floor and talk about it; what do these issues mean to them? What are the gaps that we should explore?

Nellie Rousselle

On the other hand, you can also look at your top metrics and celebrate them and say this is where we’re doing really well.

Bioscript Solutions employees celebrating in pharmacy
Bioscript Solutions employees celebrating the grand opening of their 13th Bioscript Pharmacy

Now that you’ve been using Workleap Officevibe for a couple of years, what have you discovered? Is there anything that has surprised you?

It’s all more positive. I think when we implemented the tool, the initial reaction was that we needed to be ready and able to reply to and act on the feedback. This way, we could look at the information and plan around it. We have consistently high metrics since we launched Workleap Officevibe.

I know that my director and many members of the national team were a bit surprised that we maintained high metrics since we have experienced so much growth, change in structure, how we operate, and more.

Reports and feedback from Workleap Officevibe allowed us to see how team members felt about the business throughout every step.

Nellie Rousselle

That fear of being unable to maintain the culture that we had at the beginning didn’t last as team members are continuing to express that they still feel very much part of the BioScript team. We really see our values being embodied every day.

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