How Gorilla76 elevates its remote culture with Workleap Officevibe

We sat down with Jon Franko, founder of Gorilla76, to talk about his agency's journey with Workleap Officevibe and how the platform transformed the way they look at culture.

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Gorilla76, or G76 is an industrial marketing agency that helps B2B manufacturers grow through revenue-focused marketing programs.

Location Missouri, USA

Industry Marketing

With Workleap Officevibe's help, Gorilla76 was able to boost happiness by 20%, engagement by 22%, and recognition by 60%. Watch Jon's testimonial video below for more insights on how his team achieved these stellar results.

Insights from a culture builder

Jon Franko, the founder of the industrial marketing agency, Gorilla76, told us he aimed to be the best coach and culture builder he could be for his company.

We asked him why, and his answer was simple: marketing agencies have been looking at culture partially wrong for decades. Sure, playing video games at work and having a beer fridge add sparkle to the experience, but these things often tackle culture superficially. 

Jon’s goal was to make his team proud to work at the agency by making everyday work and interactions meaningful and unique to Gorilla76. 

Cue: Workleap Officevibe, the employee engagement platform that helped Gorilla76 bring its culture to new heights. Hear it from Jon himself in our latest client testimonial video!

What you'll see in the video:

  • Why workplace culture should happen organically 
  • How Gorilla76 maintained a great culture remotely 
  • Where their culture would be without Workleap Officevibe 
  • The business impact of implementing Workleap Officevibe 
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Without a doubt, Workleap Officevibe is the single most important tool. It has completely transformed the way we’ve looked at culture.

Jon Franko, Founder at Gorilla76

Gorilla76 and Workleap Officevibe: Elevating culture together since 2017 

It all started over ramen and a basketball game. Jon was looking for a tool to help Gorilla76 gather insights from his team so that he could direct his attention to the right culture initiatives at the right time.

That's when a close friend of his introduced him to Workleap Officevibe, the people-first platform that offers a new approach to improving the employee experience.

It made sense for me to check out this tool as something to have in my arsenal. It was a low risk. So, it was a no-brainer to give it a shot.

Jon Franko, Founder at Gorilla76

It didn't stop at gathering insights and acting on them. Over the years, Gorilla76 has used Workleap Officevibe to drive employee engagement with the easy-to-use recognition, goal-setting, anonymous feedback, and one-on-one meeting tools.

The cherry on top of the sundae? With Workleap Officevibe’s reporting tools, not only was fostering a strong culture possible but so was measuring and improving it regularly. Since implementing the tool in 2017, Jon continuously reports engagement metrics on a weekly basis to Gorilla76’s strategic planning committee. 

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