How Logient modernized its onboarding process for its global team

Discover how Logient, a leader in software development solutions, successfully transformed and streamlined its global onboarding process with Workleap Onboarding, enhancing efficiency, employee engagement, and retention.

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As an industry leader and portfolio company of Oliva Capital, Logient develops technology and business solutions that empower the most ambitious organizations.

Location Montreal, Canada

Company size 370

Industry Technology

In the dynamic realm of digital innovation, Logient, a portfolio company of Oliva Capital, stands as a leading force in software development solutions. Distinguished by eight strategic acquisitions, Logient excels in fostering robust business relationships and delivering exceptional service offerings. Despite these strengths, the company encountered a pressing challenge - streamlining and modernizing its employee onboarding program. As a company whose mission is to create tech efficiency, they needed to optimize their onboarding process to align with their innovative spirit.

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Logient's team at their office in Montreal

About the company

Logient aims to empower the most ambitious organizations through technology and business solutions. With a global team of 370 experts spanning three continents, they specialize in software engineering, organizational strategy, business intelligence, data science, experience design, process improvement, and technology implementation. Ultimately, their commitment revolves around creating tech efficiency to tackle the most complex business challenges.

Some stats about Logient:

  • 3 continents covered by a global team
  • 123 plans created with Workleap Onboarding
  • 370 employees

Onboarding challenges

Before adopting Workleap Onboarding, Logient's onboarding process was comprehensive but faced hurdles navigating the complexities, especially in a distributed workforce. Julie Teboul, Logient's Employee Experience Director, highlighted the challenges:

  1. Time-consuming and extensive welcome meetings with HR

    The traditional HR welcome meetings were demanding for newcomers and the HR team: much information (various policies, benefits, documentation) was shared in a short timeframe, and then afterward, the team was swamped with the same questions from employees—because it was easier to get clarification directly than finding specific information in a long employee handbook.
  2. Bulks of internal documentation spread across platforms

    Not only were new hires finding it difficult to know exactly what is documented and where it is stored, but current employees were feeling the pain, too. With internal documentation scattered across multiple platforms, everyone desperately needed a central location as a go-to.  
  3. Manual scheduling of first meetings

    For every new hire, an HR advisor had to go through a checklist individually and book meetings and mandatory training with new teams. The process was tedious and time-consuming.   
  4. Specific onboarding needs varied across teams

    The diverse onboarding needs across teams, ranging from specific documentation to distinct work processes, highlighted the necessity for a more tailored and efficient approach.

Confronted with these challenges, Logient set out to explore solutions to overcome these blockers and optimize the efficiency of their onboarding process. In this pursuit, the organization turned to Workleap Onboarding, recognizing its potential to address existing hurdles and redefine and elevate the standard of onboarding excellence and its impact on the entire employee journey.  

Core objectives

Logient had specific goals to enhance their onboarding experience: 

  1. Upgrade the way information and policies are shared

    Ditch the hefty employee handbook and instead present policies through recordings, breaking down information by theme for easier understanding.  
  2.  Standardize training 

    Provide video explanations of tools by in-house specialists, eliminating the need for their continuous involvement every time a new employee is hired.
  3. Redirect HR meetings toward human connection and trust-building

    Shift focus to getting to know the new hire during those first HR meetings, fostering trust and personal connections rather than repetitive administrative sessions. 
  4. Centralize company documentation for easy accessibility

    Make relevant company documentation more accessible by centralizing links on a single platform, organized by job title and team. 
  5. Simplify service offering

    Use Workleap Onboarding to make a complex and multi-faceted service offering more accessible, efficiently summarizing team expertise and customer solutions for newcomers. 
Success Stories Onboarding Logient Objectives
Logient's employees collaborating on Workleap Onboarding

A new era of efficiency

With Workleap Onboarding as its strategic ally, Logient was able to address its employee onboarding challenges and usher in a new era of efficiency. Here’s how: 

Streamlined information sharing: Administrative details are now neatly organized into thematic blocks, simplifying the learning process for their HR team and allowing more focus on qualitative aspects of onboarding. 

Engaging departmental videos: Each department now showcases its services through engaging videos, offering new employees a visual journey into the expertise and solutions provided across various teams. 

Tailored approach to training: Welcoming teams can easily customize the information they share during the onboarding, ensuring that the unique needs of each new hire’s role are met, enhancing the personalized touch of Logient's onboarding approach. 

Centralized technical documentation: All our technical documentation, previously scattered across platforms, is now conveniently centralized on Workleap Onboarding, offering a one-stop-shop for new hires to acquaint themselves with essential information. 

Success Stories Onboarding Logient Product
Workleap Onboarding interface

How does Logient use Workleap Onboarding to gauge success?  
Workleap Onboarding facilitates continuous improvement by allowing Logient to collect feedback—straight from the app—on various aspects, including written documentation and video capsules. Logient also plans to implement the custom survey feature to get a more comprehensive assessment of their global onboarding process. 

3 ways Workleap Onboarding has delivered Logient ROI

Since integrating Workleap Onboarding into their onboarding process, Logient’s has felt ripple effects where it counts most. The company’s Employee Experience Director, Julie Teboul, shares the top three: 

Contributes to employee retention 

Workleap Onboarding has played a pivotal role in bolstering employee retention at Logient. Recognizing the critical nature of an employee's initial months, the implementation of Workleap Onboarding has been instrumental in providing greater clarity and essential information during the crucial probationary period. By ensuring standardized training on technical tools for all new arrivals, irrespective of their host team, Workleap Onboarding sets the stage for a positive and consistent onboarding experience. 
Positive impact on employee engagement and satisfaction 

The wealth of information now available on Workleap Onboarding reflects the team's unwavering commitment to welcoming new members under optimal conditions, offering them every opportunity for success in their new roles. This user-friendly platform contributes to a positive onboarding experience, enhancing overall employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Enhances employee productivity 

The standardized information-sharing approach through Workleap Onboarding has proven to be a game-changer. By eliminating gaps in onboarding and ensuring uniform access to information and training for all employees, we’ve significantly upped the sense of personal readiness. Employees feel operational more quickly, contributing to heightened productivity across the organization. 

Positive repercussion 

The initial months at a new job shape an employee's sense of belonging and their role in achieving organizational goals, making a positive impression crucial. Adopting Workleap Onboarding has enhanced Logient's organization and clarity in communicating vital company information and training during this pivotal period. Now, they can ensure that training is standardized across all teams globally. The outcome? Swift productivity, heightened employee engagement, and satisfaction—all crucial for retaining top talent. This holds particular significance for industry leaders like Logient, who rely on their collective team to tackle complex challenges with ambitious organizations worldwide. 

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