How We Helped CyberCX Unify 1,000 Employees from 22 Acquisitions 

Melanie Truscott, Executive Director, Engagement & Communication at CyberCX spoke to us about how Workleap Officevibe helped her team maintain engagement through many acquisitions and the global pandemic.

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CyberCX is the leading independent provider of cyber security services in the trans-Tasman region. With over 1,000 professionals in 4 countries, they serve clients across all sectors.

Location Melbourne, Australia

Company size 1,000

Industry Technology

After quickly acquiring 22 small companies, CyberCX wanted to unify them with an outstanding employee experience. But with challenges in geography, the talent market, and a global health crisis, it seemed impossible. With Workleap Officevibe, CyberCX aligned their distributed teams and fostered exceptional engagement.

While we were integrating into a single organization, the industry was struggling with the COVID pandemic. With Workleap Officevibe, we maintained engagement, and now it's higher than ever. Our eNPS is at a two-year peak.

Melanie Truscott, Executive Director, Engagement & Communication at CyberCX

Creating team alignment during explosive growth

CyberCX was striving to create a positive employee experience through a period of intense change.

The organisation had quickly swelled its ranks, acquiring 12 small companies at its launch. By the end of its second year in operation, 22 entitles had joined the the organization.

Executive Director of Engagement & Communication Melanie Truscott was in charge of fostering connection in the ever-expanding teams.

But with the acquisitions spanning eight locations in Australia, plus offices in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, in-person reconnaissance was out of the question.

All of a sudden, we went from 500 people to 1,000. We needed a tool that could help us see what was going on with all those people.

Employees were concerned that the integration would bring an end to their small-business work culture. Many of them were being reassigned to leaders they’d never met and to teams that were spread across different geographies.

Right when Melanie was setting up a tool to help the company connect across the distance, the COVID pandemic began. Suddenly, hundreds of employees were working in isolation.

When most of Australia went into a lockdown, finding a way to get a pulse check on how people were feeling was super important.

Luckily, the engagement platform that Melanie chose was Workleap Officevibe, and it was perfectly equipped to help:

  1. Bring visibility to the engagement levels of employees, anywhere in the world.
  2. Equip managers with tools that help them identify and address issues so employees feel heard.
  3. Create routines that keep communications open and efforts aligned.

Having used Workleap Officevibe at another company, Melanie was confident it would foster the employee experience and team cohesiveness that CyberCX envisioned, no matter how big they grew.

“Speed of activation was really important. I didn’t have time to learn a new tool, and I knew that Workleap Officevibe was fit for the purpose,” she said.

A platform built to keep employees first

With Workleap Officevibe, CyberCX was able to see and respond to what was on employees’ minds, whether they worked in the next room or on another continent.

Melanie liked that the tool itself was fun to use.

“One of the reasons I recommended it to our other executives was the interface. Instead of a 1 to 5 rating scale, it’s, “I’m a flower that’s half-dead” versus “I’m a blooming flower” type of thing. It’s very engaging,” said Melanie.

Another aspect that stood out to her was the evidence-based design of the Pulse Survey question bank.

The questions are based on the research and the 10 metrics that drive engagement. Workleap Officevibe guides us to ask questions that we wouldn't think of and address issues we may shy away from.

Taking action with Pulse Survey insights

The surveys themselves offered a critical window into employee satisfaction and showed Melanie and other CyberCX leaders where to take action.

I read comments every day to get a feel for what might be a hot topic. It lets me pinpoint where problems are happening and directs the conversations I have to address them.

One such hot topic was the back-to-office policy after the COVID lockdowns.

“We used a custom survey in Workleap Officevibe to determine our flexible work policy," she said. "People’s experience during the pandemic had been vastly different, and we found out some people were scared to leave their house and thought they might have to quit if they were forced back to the office.”

Employees at CyberCX's Office
CyberCX employees at the Office

Strengthening retention with informed policies

Being able to respond to those fears and allow employees to lead a flexible new arrangement led to a huge win for CyberCX.

There was a massive skill shortage in the industry, and we couldn't afford to lose anyone. Workleap Officevibe was able to guide us on those real, tangible, strategic business issues.

Melanie says the employee-first culture that Workleap Officevibe supported helped create outstanding retention, even in the midst of internal and external challenges.

“Our attrition is nowhere near as high as other organizations in our industry. I think that pairs with our highest-ever engagement and advocacy scores,” she said.

Nurturing signs of alignment

The communication that Workleap Officevibe cultivates goes two ways; leadership gets an eye on issues that need attention, and they can also shout out signs of strength within their teams.

“You've got to embed Workleap Officevibe in how you operate. It's no good having a Pulse Survey or gathering scores if no one's doing anything about them,” said Melanie.

Melanie and the C-suite executives review eNPS and engagement scores on a monthly basis. They look at different regions to see how teams are doing so they can arrange support where needed and recognition where it’s deserved.

“We celebrate teams who turn around scores or who have consistently high scores. It's also embedded in the way that we measure leaders and our businesses,” she said.

Developing better managers with OKR tracking

Melanie says that the reports and OKRs created by Workleap Officevibe help the managers at CyberCX to be more responsive to their employees, a critical element in their company culture.

Our industry is highly geared towards technical people, so people-management skills don’t always come naturally. Workleap Officevibe provides visual tools and analytics that help our leaders develop the right approach to build a strong team.

With actionable data and a clear path to build engagement, Workleap Officevibe helped CyberCX build highly motivated and cohesive teams, and at a time of intense upheaval.

1,000 Employees unified from 22 acquisitions

In the midst of explosive growth, a global pandemic, and a challenging talent market, Workleap Officevibe helped CyberCX integrate over 1,000 employees from 22 small companies into cohesive global teams.

CyberCX is now achieving outstanding employee experience scores, with an eNPS of 36, and alignment and engagement scores both at 8.1.

The solution couldn’t have come at a better time.

CyberCX Officevibe metrics

While we were integrating into a single organization, the industry was struggling with the COVID pandemic. With Workleap Officevibe, we maintained engagement, and now it's higher than ever. Our eNPS is at a two-year peak.

Melanie says that sending the surveys and responding to employee concerns was key to establishing trust in the firm’s newly reorganized and globally distributed teams.

“When we ask questions about values and alignment, it shows our people that those issues are important to us. Using Officevibe builds people’s confidence,” she said.

The Pulse Survey data has been instrumental in shaping business policies, including back-to-office expectations after COVID, and acknowledging Pride month and employees pronouns.

Next, the firm is planning a salary benchmark review based on employee feedback.

Melanie says Workleap Officevibe has helped the company execute their vision of keeping people first.

If we didn’t have Workleap Officevibe, we would have no idea if our mission, culture, or values were resonating.

Connecting the company direction with employee values has helped CyberCX go from 22 disconnected acquisitions to one powerfully engaged international force, and set a course for long-term alignment.

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