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Build strong employee and digital experience foundations without friction.  

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Powerfully simple 

Software built for the digitally connected workforce 

Every business is different. We make sure to cover all the bases so you can leap to great impact, no matter your needs. 

Workleap Onboarding

Employee onboarding

Structure, automate and measure new hires’ onboarding process so they hit the ground running from day one.  

Illustration representing Workleap Onboarding: Friendly employees welcome a newcomer to Workleap, providing them with a step-by-step guided path.

Workleap Officevibe

Engage, perform and celebrate

Employee engagement

Collect reliable engagement data, regularly share results, and let every employee put insights to work in their day-to-day.

Performance management

Continuously drive team performance with data-driven performance reviews, lightweight checkpoint cycles, reporting, one-on-one, OKRs, and goal setting.  


Create a culture where work works with peer-to-peer recognition, recognition-specific insights, feedback, and easy-to-use custom surveys. 

Illustration Workleapplatform Officevibe

Workleap Learning

Learning management

Build and share knowledge across your organization with straightforward employee training management tools and progress monitoring.  

Illustration Workleapplatform Learning

Workleap Skills

Talent development

Discover, manage, and grow your teams’ skills with AI-enhanced mapping tools and unleash your business’s true potential. 

Illustration Workleapplatform Talent Development

Sharegate by Workleap

Digital experience

Future-proof your business productivity with the simplest Microsoft 365 management solution from big migrations to daily Teams and Sharepoint operations. 

Illustration Workleapplatform Sharegate

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Workleap products are the simplest path to success for your business, team, and yourself.  

Usp Frictionless Deployment

Frictionless deployment 

Free to try and smooth to deploy.

Usp Easy Adoption

Easy adoption 

Built to be loved by leaders and employees alike.   

Usp Fast Insights

Fast insights 

Delivers actionable insights right when you need them.  

Trusted by over 20,000 customers worldwide

ShareGate by Workleap



Workleap Officevibe



Workleap Learning


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There are products that you have to use because they solve a problem or relieve a pain point. And then there are those you actually feel like using because the experience itself is enjoyable. We aim to be at the crossroads of both categories.

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