We make work simple — so you can see results faster

Why Workleap

For over 20 years, we’ve focused on making work simpler — because we believe simplicity is at the core of strong employee experiences. Our tools enable your people to do their best work.

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20,000+ organizations elevate their employee experience with Workleap

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Our belief

Strong employee experiences power better performance

When you enable your people to do their best work, you’ll see greater performance as an organization.
 Our job is to get you there with software that you can unbox, integrate, and deploy in minutes.

A holistic approach to employee experience

As software becomes the new office, we believe the formula for great employee experiences is streamlined talent management and productivity tools adoption. That’s why we offer simplified tools for both — so you can access the complete solution in one place.

Workleap Why Holistic Approach

Offering simplicity that drives results

When we say simplicity, we don’t mean bare-bones simplistic. But as a fast-moving organization, we understand the value of software that can keep up. All Workleap tools are designed to get you operational as fast as possible — so you can start seeing results and move your attention to the next big thing.

Workleap Why Simplicity

Ensuring a cohesive software experience

We understand the pains of rolling out and learning new tools. With Workleap, you can expect an intuitive and delightful user experience across software. Love our talent management products? Then, you'll master our productivity adoption tools in no time. We want Workleap software to feel like home.

Workleap Why Cohesive Software

Built for organizations that needed results yesterday

Usp Frictionless Deployment

Operational from day one

Sign up, roll out, and start seeing value within a day. Want to get started immediately? All Workleap tools are designed for you to easily jump in, deploy, customize, and integrate on your own.

Usp Easy Adoption

Fast and easy adoption

Watch adoption rates soar from the get-go. Our software meshes smoothly with your existing day-to-day tools — making them easy and convenient for teams to use. Save time and see results fast!

Usp Fast Insights

Committed to your success

From transparent pricing and unlimited support on all plans to a constant flow of free educational content, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t just believe the hype.
Experience it yourself.