Collaborate with your in-house experts for better content creation

Delegating content creation to in-house experts takes the pressure off the Human Resources department and gives employees an opportunity to show off their skills and expertise. By tapping into the knowledge of employees, HR can produce high-quality content that resonates with their target employees. In-house experts are familiar with the company's culture, values, and mission, which allows them to best create content that aligns with the organizational goals. Additionally, involving employees in content creation can boost morale and engagement. It gives them an opportunity to showcase their knowledge, which can lead to career advancement and recognition. Overall, delegating content creation with in-house experts is a win-win situation for HR and employees. 

Leveraging your in-house experts has never been this easy

With Workleap LMS’ new feature: Course Authors, you can add an unlimited amount of course authors on a course and assign it to them instantly. The course authors will be able to build a course plan, create course content and integrate within the desired lessons. It's about time we start leveraging the knowledge of our best employees and create the learning and development programs that have been on the backlog for way too long!  


“It's not about "passing the monkey", but making it fun and organic to team up with the right people to pen down all of the things they know!” 

- Mathieu Dumont, Product Director 


Build a Learning Culture

Needless to say, these tools will only work if you create a culture that encourages learning and knowledge sharing. One thing you can do right now is to enforce a culture that supports learning and development and rewards employees for content creation. Training is the perfect way to bring the whole team together and set the tone for internal growth and talent development. 

The Right LMS for your Business

If you're looking for a software that allows you to create courses and manage your company's internal training, Workleap LMS is the solution for you. Our LMS offers both synchronous and asynchronous learning, making it the perfect tool for learning and development. With LMS, you can easily manage your courses and enrollment, as well as set employees up for success when getting certified and accredited. Want to learn more about how Workleap LMS can help your business? Request a Demo today and see for yourself!