Create great learning experiences, fast.

Build, manage, and monitor employee training with the simplest learning management system.

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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience

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An LMS that focuses on what actually matters

Easily transform business-critical knowledge and know-how into simple training that allows anyone in the organization to get up to speed and level up.

Editing a text lesson of a Workleap LMS course by adding an attachment and a picture to the content.

Course creation

Turn your experts into content creators in a heartbeat. Intuitive tools make integrating content easy so you can build courses quickly. By allowing everyone to contribute, knowledge sharing becomes a routine practice. Leverage your in-house ability to upskill others — a win-win!

Evaluation and certification

Certified and ready to perform. Make sure your people are equipped to do their jobs safely and efficiently. With just a few clicks, evaluate their know-how and validate compliance.

Editing a quiz lesson in Workleap LMS to add custom question with multiple choices and make the quiz mandatory or optional.
Managing enrollment requests in Workleap LMS to approve or reject access to a course for a specific user.

Knowledge management

Streamline processes and up productivity with centralized access to right-sized learning for everyone. Customize learning experiences to help employees reach their goals and support your organization’s.

Reporting and monitoring

Get everyone heading in the right direction with accurate learning and development data. Goodbye, lost info. Hello, data-driven decisions for all.

Adding a custom course completion reminder on Workleap LMS to automatically email users 30 days after their enrollment.

So easy to implement and use! Implementation within the company was a no-brainer and creating the trainings is so simple, it's a delight.

Christine Couture
Process and Quality Manager

Workleap LMS

Everything you need to keep your people and business ahead of the curve

Grow your organization’s know-how and upskill your employees while preserving internal knowledge.

Protect expertise

Workleap LMS helps protect the knowledge of an organization's internal experts from turnover. That way, when people leave the organization, others can continue to benefit from their knowledge and expertise through the documentation and courses they have left behind.

Share the knowledge

Engage all employees in learning, no matter where they are. Workleap LMS empowers employees to share knowledge with colleagues, making sure that companies continue to prosper by creating courses and centralizing employees’ knowledge on a collaborative LMS.

Grow your people

Growing your people leads to growing your business. Workleap LMS streamlines talent development by enabling easily built tailored learning programs that engage employees in developing their skills and contributing to organizational goals.

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The simplest internal training experience

Easily transform business critical knowledge into simple and thoughtful trainings.

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