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Evaluate, refine, and iterate are three words every HR team should live by. Changing employee needs, workplace contexts, and industry trends mean your employee experience must stay active. And understanding your strengths and weaknesses is a good place to start if you want to champion that change.

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But what exactly is employee experience (and how can you assess it)?

Employee experience (EX) includes every interaction a person has with an organization and how they observe, interpret, and internalize them. Employee experience involves every touchpoint employees have from the moment they apply for the job until they part ways with the organization.

This assessment will evaluate you on three foundational employee experience elements: engagement, recognition, and performance management. When these pillars are optimized and in sync, employees feel valued and supported and have everything they need to perform at their best.

The benefits of a great employee experience

The numbers don't lie. Gallup surveyed 2.7 million employees and found that engagement levels impact the most vital and measurable business outcomes.   
In this assessment, they found that the top 25% most engaged teams* benefited from:

  • 81% Lower absenteeism 
  • 18% Higher productivity
  • Between 18% and 43% lower turnover rates
  • 10% Higher customer loyalty and engagement

* Compared to the teams in the bottom quartile.  

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