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With Workleap Officevibe’s hybrid work software, you can take on the challenge and make remote-first work really work. Drive retention and productivity with tools for employee engagement, recognition, and performance management.

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One tool to improve the hybrid workplace

Workleap products are the simplest path to success for your business, your team, and yourself.  

An employee who easily responds to his Pulse Surveys.

Collect feedback

Use Pulse Surveys and anonymous feedback to check in on your hybrid teams and take meaningful action to improve employee engagement.

A manager that uses the Officevibe Performance management tool.

Measure engagement

Get actionable insights on employee sentiment and well-being so you can prioritize high-impact employee retention strategies.

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Set goals and stay on track

Use Officevibe to set SMART goals with your team members and OKRs within your organization to help you succeed in the hybrid work universe.

Make hybrid work painless

An effortless workplace experience platform

A hybrid model means more virtual work. And while video chats and communication tools help teams work smarter, there are fewer moments for casual run-ins and chances to ask for feedback. Workleap Officevibe’s hybrid work platform creates opportunities for remote employees to give their constructive feedback anonymously and effortlessly.

An employee at her desk who has just answered her Pulse survey from Workleap Officevibe.
Officevibe anonymous pulse survey asking the employee to pick an image that describes their work-life balance.

Listening mechanisms that make employees feel heard

Our research shows that negative emotions in a hybrid workplace tend to last longer. Make sure you listen to your hybrid employees by sending effective Pulse Surveys with Workleap Officevibe. Give your team a safe space to share their thoughts with 2-minute, anonymous weekly surveys.

A simpler way to keep your team connected

Video chats in a hybrid workplace can make it harder for one-on-one meetings to be as productive. Workleap Officevibe’s hybrid work software helps remove some pressure from managers, allowing you to focus on building solid relationships. From check-ins to goal setting, make sure your one-on-ones keep that special touch. Managers and team members can set discussion items collaboratively so everyone can listen and have a say.

Invitation of a team member to a one-on-one meeting with the Officevibe notification to collaborate on the agenda.

How Workleap Officevibe adapts to your hybrid team

Get the pulse of your hybrid team

When you're not in the office, it's easy to lack visibility on what's happening in your team. Workleap Officevibe's Pulse Surveys allow you to have a rapid overview of how your remote employees are really doing. Use Officevibe's existing questions or create your own to determine specific issues affecting your team or organization.

Overview of the Creative Team Engagement Report which scored an 8.6 out of 10.
List of Officevibe 1-on-1 templates to filter, preview, use and create 1-on-1 meeting templates.

Address issues with one-on-one meetings

Use your Pulse Surveys insights to open new discussions with remote employees during one-on-one meetings. If you're unsure how to address specific situations, choose from Workleap Officevibe’s resource library to find detailed templates for common issues modern teams face.

Collect honest, anonymous feedback

Workleap Officevibe offers a safe space for your team members to provide constructive feedback. With Officevibe, you can empower employees to give anonymous written feedback in each survey, opening up discussions you wouldn’t otherwise have. Use this feedback to start conversations on your team or dig deeper into your biggest pain points.

Officevibe messaging tool to get notified when you receive new feedback and reply to the anonymous employee who sent it.

85% of employees who use Officevibe feel like their manager cares about their opinion.

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everything you need

Put your hybrid workplace experience at the center

Custom surveys

Add custom questions to Officevibe’s survey to tackle topics specific to your organization and measure the impact of certain initiatives.

Survey report

Survey reports make your results easy to digest. Reports are shareable with your team so everyone can discuss what they mean and decide on improvements together.


Compare your survey results across industries or with the other teams you manage to get a better picture of your workplace analytics.

Goal setting

Use the Officevibe platform to set SMART goals with your team and OKRs with your organization — all in one place!

Feedback response

Respond to employee feedback directly in Officevibe. Show your team members you’re listening and care about taking action.


Segment your team members by location or demographics to get a more accurate picture of how certain groups feel.

asked questions

What is the hybrid work model?

The hybrid workplace, or hybrid model, is a concept that mixes virtual and in-office work. There are many ways to go about it: some organizations ask their employees to follow set schedules, while others give their team members the freedom to choose when to work remotely or in the office.

The hybrid work model allows companies to broaden their talent pool and offer flexibility while maintaining some perks of in-person work.

Is hybrid work the same as remote work?

There are a few differences between remote and hybrid work. As mentioned above, hybrid workers can be fully remote, in the office, or a mix of both. Remote work is a component under the broader category of hybrid work.

What does a hybrid work software do?

Because hybrid work is a broad category, hybrid work tools can cover many areas. From project management to employee experience, hybrid work tools help your organization thrive in the era of distributed work.

When employees work remotely, hybrid work software helps them stay connected, engaged, and productive. It’s a win-win for both employees and the organizations they work for.

Why do I need a remote work tool like Workleap Officevibe?

The hybrid workplace model has created new needs for teams and leaders. Remote work tools like Workleap Officevibe help organizations uncover where they’re struggling and thriving so they can help their people feel and do their best at all times.

How does Workleap Officevibe help team leaders manage a hybrid team?

Officevibe’s features help team leaders tackle many common distributed teams challenges, such as difficulty giving and receiving feedback, reaching goals, or building solid relationships. From Pulse Surveys to one-on-one meetings, our focus is to help build and maintain meaningful connections and improve employee productivity.

Can Workleap Officevibe help improve my remote team/company work culture?

Yes! Gathering honest opinions from your team members and taking action to improve the employee experience are distributed teams best practices. Doing so is great for your internal culture and helps attract new talent.

Is Workleap Officevibe a project management tool?

By definition, Workleap Officevibe is not part of the project management tools category. Officevibe doesn’t allow you to scope tasks or plan projects. However, your people are a critical component of the projects you lead. If your distributed team is engaged, your projects will be more successful.

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