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With ShareGate's provisioning tool, you can guide and empower users, and get self-serve on your side.

ShareGate's provisioning tool set up is shown, with the "create a template" window open and denoting the amount of owners required. The cursor is selecting 2 owners.

Help users create the workspaces they require, right from the get go.

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Get self-serve on your side

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Accelerate productivity

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Easily set up guardrails and empower your users

Get self-serve on your side

Create a safe, self-serve environment for people to do their best work. ShareGate's custom provisioning templates and end-user app give your users the freedom they need with your guardrails in place.

ShareGate's provisioning dashboard open showing the various workspace templates for the given teams.

Supercharge productivity

Right-sized SharePoint sites

Stay up to date with changes

Customize to everyone's needs

Avoid one-size-fits-all settings, tailored for purpose

ShareGate's workspace provisioning bridges the gap between IT and end users' requirements. Enjoy the flexibility to adjust and evolve for ongoing productivity, all while ensuring your organization's safety and security.

  • Maintain IT oversight by enabling an approval process for specific templates that need it.
  • Follow best practices and implement governance guidelines like naming conventions, minimum owners, privacy, etc.
  • Set users up for success by adding SharePoint sites unique to each template.
ShareGate's provisioning tool showing the create a template functionality, with customizations selected for Team site.

End-user app

Empower your people to collaborate at scale

The ShareGate end-user app gives users a workspace to create and manage their own teams, from start to finish, without leaving Microsoft Teams.

  • Templates and updates are automatically rolled out to all end users through the app, saving you time and repetitive work.
  • End users can easily see the teams they own from one centralized workspace.*
  • Make it easier for users to search for their recorded meetings, all conveniently located in the app!

* End users don't need a ShareGate account or a license.

ShareGate's provisioning tool open to the Workspaces page, showing the Teams and SharePoint sites to collaborate on.

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With the workflow we've developed on SharePoint Online and the complete restructuring of our data, we've created time saving across the company.

Amy Senécal CôtéSharePoint Administrator at Lallemand

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Make your biggest Microsoft 365 admin jobs easy.

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