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Fight turnover with engagement insights that help you improve the workplace and design effective retention strategies. Quick Pulse Surveys provide real-time feedback to help you dig deeper. Employees can share anonymous feedback with their manager easily, any time.

An employee at her desk who has just answered her Pulse survey from Workleap Officevibe.
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What makes our feedback tool different

Workleap products are the simplest path to success for your business, your team, and yourself.  

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Engagement data

Officevibe’s Pulse Surveys get the real-time feedback that shapes teams and organizations, with questions focused on key engagement drivers.

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Automation and anonymity

Our feedback tool does the hard work for you, gives employees the option for anonymity, and integrates smoothly into everyone’s day-to-day.

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Simple, clear reports

Understand the employee experience instantly with user-friendly, straightforward reports and share survey results easily with your team.

Workleap Officevibe’s complete employee
feedback software

tap into their experience

Employee Pulse Surveys & survey reports

Employees answer 5 questions every week, giving managers real-time feedback from direct reports.

  • Our survey algorithm sends relevant questions about employee experience.
  • Easy-to-read reports present clear, anonymized, aggregated data from survey results.
  • Measure 10 key metrics of employee engagement like employee happiness, company alignment, and wellness.
Officevibe anonymous pulse survey asking the employee to pick an image that describes their work-life balance.
An employee who just submitted anonymous feedback.

inspire healthy discourse

Collect anonymous employee feedback

Give employees a safe space for honest communication.

  • Receive genuine feedback through survey follow-up questions and the employee suggestion box, with the option for anonymity.
  • Send custom surveys to ask specific open-ended questions and get actionable feedback on team or organizational topics.
  • Give employees a safe space to share their honest thoughts and spark conversations that wouldn’t happen otherwise.

Surface insights

Turn feedback into conversations

Discover insights and take action from open dialogue.

  • Anonymous employee feedback turns into a chat conversation. Ask further questions, get more details, and discuss next steps while employees remain anonymous (or not).
  • Easily share survey reports and discuss them with your team, manager, or company leadership.
  • Turn employee engagement metrics into talking points in one-on-one meetings directly in the app, and set action items together with direct reports.
Officevibe messaging tool to get notified when you receive new feedback and reply to the anonymous employee who sent it.

Feedback is a two-way street. Get rich insights and facilitate impactful dialogue with Workleap Officevibe.

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everything you need

The modern employee feedback software

For your distributed or remote team

Spot disengagement early and stay connected with direct reports anytime, from anywhere, all in one place. Questions about the work environment and team communication help you support remote employees, even from afar.

A turnover game-changer

No more wondering, questioning, or theorizing. Know exactly what your employee’s pain points are. Clearly see the areas where people are disengaged, so you can address them before they leave your organization.

The secret to employee retention

More than just feedback, Workleap Officevibe is an all-in-one employee engagement software for you to follow the employee lifecycle and professional development.

asked questions

What exactly is an employee feedback tool?

An employee feedback tool collects relevant feedback from your employees for you. It asks validated questions the right way to make sure you get the most important information from employees. Workleap Officevibe collects employee feedback data and organizes it to give you a clear picture of where your team is standing, what they’re lacking, what’s going well, and help you draw conclusions.

An ideal employee feedback tool integrates into your work flow, so gathering feedback becomes part of your company culture and regular practices. With multiple integrations, you can use Officevibe with the communication tools you already have. And exceptional feedback tools offer psychological safety and a safe space for employees to share their honest thoughts and constructive feedback. After all, you want to know what people really think. Officevibe achieves this by offering full anonymity for employees.

Why do I need an employee feedback tool?

Managers often ask: how can I know if my team is happy? Why are my employees leaving? Do people feel motivated and connected to their work? Are our practices to keep people happy and retain talent working? All of these are valid and important questions, and this is why you need an employee feedback tool.

A feedback tool gives employees a space to share their thoughts, removing the how, when, and where to ask these questions from your workload. Workleap Officevibe collects employee feedback, helps you respond, and stores it for your reference. So worrying about what questions you need to ask, the wording, and the frequency isn’t added to your work pile. Officevibe answers your questions as a manager so you can focus on creating action plans and managing your team.

How to respond to employee feedback?

If you ask employees what they think but don’t take the time to answer employee feedback, they won’t feel heard and might start disengaging from the feedback practice you have in place. That’s why responding to employee feedback is so important (here are some employee feedback examples to get you started).

Keep in mind our top 5 tips for replying to feedback:
1) Give as much transparency as possible on the situation at hand.
2) Thank people for their positive feedback and do not shy away from the constructive feedback you receive.
3) Communicate your limitations and what you have control over.
4) Work with you team and use their input to come up with solutions.
5) Keep an eye on how your team responds to any action plan.

Is employee engagement data easy to understand?

The results from employee surveys in Workleap Officevibe are presented in 10 main engagement metrics. They’re designed to make it simple to find actionable insights and craft initiatives that are backed by your employee data and lead to business success.

How do I ask my employees for feedback?

Asking for employee feedback includes 3 main elements: the method, the frequency, and psychological safety. You want to ensure that how you ask employees to give you feedback is easy, frequent, safe, and friendly. The method is how you choose to ask the right questions to collect the feedback that you’re looking for. You want to leave no room for misinterpretation or vagueness. As for safety, you need to make sure that when you collect feedback, people feel like they can answer truthfully.

Offering a space where people can give anonymous employee feedback is a powerful approach to collect real feedback. Collecting employee feedback more often means answers aren’t biased by seasonality or other factors. The higher the frequency, the more data you can gather and the more accurate conclusions you can pull. This will make you more equipped to address and reduce turnover and improve employee engagement.

What makes Workleap Officevibe the best anonymous feedback tool online?

Officevibe is designed for usability with managers in mind, making you and your employees’ experience easy and smooth. It offers all the features you need, from collecting feedback to taking action.

How does Workleap Officevibe’s anonymous feedback tool work?

Individual answers are never displayed; only aggregated results are presented. A minimum of 3 employees need to have answered a survey to see the results of a team. Text answers are anonymous by default, but employees have the option to reveal their identity at any time. A minimum of 5 employees need to have answered a survey to see anonymous feedback. Information collected is protected by strict rules and protocols.

Read more about member roles and access rights and our Terms of Service protect your identity. These terms and conditions commit the network creator to use the platform appropriately and in an ethical manner.

Is Workleap Officevibe really anonymous?

Yes. All team member answers are aggregated and converted into scores to preserve employee anonymity. These scores are presented in Officevibe Reports with no identification from whom they came from. Scores for the entire company are available to all managers. However, reports and scores for a specific team are visible only to managers who have the access to view them. You can find all the information regarding Workleap Officevibe’s anonymity here.

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