Become a dev at Workleap 

Dev-eloping yourself

Reimagining the world of work isn’t a thing we dream of. It’s a thing we do. And we need developers like you to join the ride. Whatever your program language, we all speak the same when it comes to bettering employee and digital experience: create the best products in the best way possible. And that is not going to change anytime soon. 

Workelap Dev 2
Developer writing code in Workleap's collaborative office space.

Our devs

We got a vast [array] of experienced devs

Not one developer is the same, and it’s the thing we love the most about them.

We truly encourage you to come as you are, whether you consider yourself a GOAT in the industry or a new and hungry underdog. We value everyone’s input, knowledge, and experience.

But hey — there’s a lot of things we could say. You might as well hear it from our teams instead.

Compared to my previous job, Workleap felt like a breath of fresh air. Everyone gets to express themselves freely.  I had a blast with my future colleagues right from the interview process, and it continues today. 

Félixe Bélanger-RobillardStaff Developer (SRE) at Workleap
Headshot of Félixe Bélanger-Robillard, Full stack Dev at Workleap


Our technology stack

We use a blend of programming languages, tools and frameworks, and our developers  are empowered to build the best solutions for our customers and end users. If you’re interested in taking a peek for yourself, check out our GitHub public repo

Back end

With its microservices architecture, our back-end is developed in C# with .NET Core andworkl is hosted with Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure.  

Software design

True to the domain-driven software design (DDD) approach based on event sourcing and CQRS architecture, we apply SOLID principles.  

Front end

Our front end is developed with the latest version of React and TypeScript. For styling, we mostly use pure CSS but some projects like to go one step further with Sass and CSS-in-JS. 


We use Azure DevOps, Git, PowerShell, Docker and Kubernetes.  

And there’s more...

We use various JavaScript tools such as Node, Yarn, Jest, Babel, and Webpack. We created our own design systems, Orbit and Igloo, allowing us to quickly develop features that conform to our products’ visual identities. We also build some of our web platforms using Ruby. 

Real benefits for real life

We get that maintaining a good work-life balance is no easy feat. The most important thing for us? Trust. We respect everyone’s unique schedules and rhythm. You do you.

But here's what we can do to help:

  • Annual bonus based on organizational performance 
  • Group insurance
  • Contribution to your RRSP (5% of gross salary)
  • Ability to work from our offices (which are pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves) or from home, and we also have a work from abroad policy
  • Financial support for new parents
  • Health spending account: $1,000 per year for sports, wellness, and outdoor expenses 
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