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Make smooth moves to Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, and Exchange Online with our easy migration tool. Everything you need to merge tenants and modernize your environment, backed by unlimited support.

ShareGate's Migration tool making it easy to copy Planner plans.

Migrate to Microsoft 365

Any size, any reason Microsoft 365 migration

Elevate your cloud experience: modernize, reorganize and soar! Simplify your journey with complete visibility, powerful reporting, streamlined fixes, seamless moves, and continuous monitoring.

  • Effortlessly migrate from file shares, SharePoint, Teams, mailboxes and much more.
  • Move content between sites and tenants, safely and securely.
  • Migration planning and validation features to help you before and after your big moves.
ShareGate's Migration tool copy options with "copy structure and content for SharePoint and Microsoft 365" selected.

Mailbox migration

Smooth Microsoft 365 tenant-to-tenant mailbox migration

Keep your team's communication channels open and operational with a fast and smooth mailbox migration.

  • Move messages, calendars, and contacts intacts to your destination.
  • Align mailboxes between environments with automated and custom mailbox mapping.
  • Migrate messages and keep the essential attributes such as attachments, folders, and categories intact.
Sharegate Pillar Mailbox Migration@2x

Migrate Microsoft Teams

Leave no team, channel,
or chat behind

Keep your Teams in sync through organizational changes and ensure everyone stays connected.

  • Move channels from one team to another or migrate entire teams from another tenant.
  • Copy chat history, channels, membership, files, tabs, apps, Planner plans, and more ensuring users have everything they need to succeed.
  • Automatically map users at the destination to ensure the right people have the right access and permissions.
  • Get summary reports with details about any errors or warnings, enabling you to proactively address issues with the right insights at hand.
The ShareGate dashboard monitoring a Teams environment's External sharing reviews and inactivity.

Migrate Planner plans

Move Planner plans on your terms

Achieve flawless migrations by moving the Planner plans you want, right where you need them.

  • Migrate Planner plans regardless of where they are located — whether in a Teams team or a SharePoint group. You can move them between different tenants or within the same tenant.
  • Simply click to duplicate the entire plan, including plans, buckets, tasks, attachments, members, assignments, views, and comments. You can also choose to leave some objects behind.
  • Ensure the right users are mapped at the destination with the right permissions, so users can continue to work seamlessly.
ShareGate's migration tool with options to customize Planner migrations, review user mappings, and schedule a copy.

What our clients have to say

ShareGate has helped us increase IT efficiency and allowed us to put more time where we are needed most. On a smaller migration, ShareGate saves me hours. On our main cloud migration, it gave me weeks back!

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