Feedback that delivers insights and inspires action

Get richer, better, honest-to-goodness anonymous feedback on specific engagement topics, and respond in a snap.

Officevibe Feedback management page to read, respond to and filter by team all the collected feedback.
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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience

How it works

Intuitive feedback tools that make your life easier

Walkthrough video of the anonymous feedback and messaging features in Workleap Officevibe
An employee giving feedback to their manager.

Focus on the message, not the messenger

Give every voice a chance to be heard and engage with all feedback with our 100% anonymity promise.

An employee giving feedback to their manager.

Anytime is feedback time

Encourage regular and spontaneous feedback because there is never a wrong time to get feedback.

A manager who takes the time to respond to employee feedback.

No more blank page

Replying to your feedback is crucial, but it’s not always easy. Never leave an employee hanging with tools to help answer and quickly write the most appropriate response.


Turn feedback into conversations starters

What begins as feedback can blossom into rich and honest conversations thanks to anonymous messaging. We’ve made it super easy to send text, video, or voice messages as replies to your team’s feedback!

Officevibe messaging tool to get notified when you receive new feedback and reply to the anonymous employee who sent it.
Officevibe feedback filtering options to filter pulse survey answers by date, type, tone, metrics and label.


You already have the answers

Your feedback inbox is a treasure trove of insights waiting to be rediscovered again and again. Quickly surface answers to your burning questions easily with filters for engagement metrics, type, tone, and more.

Feedback topics

AI-powered analysis

Workleap Officevibe uses the power of AI to automate the analysis of qualitative employee feedback. No more wasting time trying to manually piece all the data together. You'll get instant insights into what’s top of mind for your teams, and our comprehensive report also shows if a topic is trending up or down over time.

Officevibe's Feedback Topics feature, based on an AI model, indicates that 'deadline' is the main trending topic.


The simplest employee experience solution that provides insights and tools to transform your organization on day 1, not in 6 months.