Employee engagement software

Transformative insights that lead to concrete actions

Act on real-time employee feedback to elevate workplace culture, boost retention, and attract top talent.

UI interface of Officevibe's Pulse Survey feature with a cursor answering a question.

Automated pulse survey

Get the pulse of your teams

Erase blind spots. Tap into a bank of 122 science-backed questions and an algorithm that helps remove biases and pinpoint your current team climate.

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Anonymous Feedback & Messaging

Give every employee a voice

Get richer, better, honest-to-goodness anonymous feedback on issues they wouldn't share otherwise, and respond in a snap.

engagement breakdown

Go deep on your metrics

Break down your metrics with powerful sub-metrics that simplify the job of knowing exactly where you excel and where you need to work to improve your employee experience.

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See how you stack up

With consistent data, you can compare results across time, teams, or your entire industry. See who’s performing and where to lend a hand. Stay ahead of the curve.


Drive retention by continually improving work conditions and reinforcing culture.

Without a doubt, Officevibe is the single most important tool, It has completely transformed the way we've looked at culture.

Jon FrankoFounder at Gorilla76
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