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The impact of manager enablement on engagement and culture 

In this online email course, we’ll explore why (and how) HR leaders should work alongside managers to strengthen employee engagement and drive organizational success.  

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Managers can lead the way to higher engagement 

Managers are key players in the engagement game, but they need to work alongside their HR leaders to build a truly solid and exceptional employee experience. Make manager enablement a top priority and start cultivating thriving employee-leadership relationships at your organization.  

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What you’ll learn in this course

You’ll receive five lessons jam-packed with resources and actionable insights into how manager enablement can build strong team dynamics, improve engagement, and drive organizational success. 


Lesson One

The importance of employee engagement on organizational success


Lesson Two

The manager’s central role in shaping the employee experience


Lesson Three

Common engagement challenges (and how you can solve them)


Lesson Four

Key leadership soft skills (and how you can help foster them)


Lesson Five

Tools that empower managers to boost team engagement

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