Nurture your best assets to drive business excellence 

Guide your financial services teams during times of change with intuitive tools that strengthen employee engagement, recognition, and performance — it’s a sound investment.

A manager giving her employee feedback using Officevibe on a laptop to guide the one-on-one session.
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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience

Why Workleap Officevibe for your organization? 

Team members connecting remotely.

Strengthen team bonds 

The markets may fluctuate but you can count on our effective tools to continue building trust and empowering your employees to weather any storm.

A manager responding to team feedback.

Utilize employee feedback to effect change 

Hear it right from the source. Embrace digital transformation and collect reliable, real-time, and actionable insights from your teams.  

An employee happy at work.

Enable better customer service

When engagement is high, your team will bring good vibes to any client meeting. It’s a simple equation: happy employees = happy customers.

How we help

Data-backed strategies that drive success 

Equip leaders with the tools and insights needed to retain top talent and boost team performance. 

A manager responding to feedback received by an employee via the Workleap Officevibe tool.


Collect and act on feedback 

Clue into what matters most to your team. Act on real-time feedback from Pulse Surveys, anonymous messaging, reports, and more to improve employee engagement, boost retention, and drive customer satisfaction. 


Seamless workflow integration 

Shine a light on great work and make peer-to-peer recognition more meaningful and fun. From small wins to major milestones, team members can browse through dozens of Good Vibes prompts with customizable themes that reflect and celebrate your company’s culture.  

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Employee profile in Officevibe showcasing the user’s team members and the Good Vibes cards they have received from peers.


Highlight employee achievements 

Use simple, flexible tools to curate a performance management process that is as unique as your team. Drive organizational success with ongoing conversations, performance roadmaps, and data-backed insights to foster a culture of growth and development. 

And more, to cover the entire lifecycle of your best talents

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Prioritize data security 

Your clients have security top of mind and so do we. With SOC2 compliance, data encryption, and database backups, security and data protection are always a priority. 

Employee accomplishing tasks and progressing in professional goals.

Support employee development 

Pair Workleap Officevibe with Workleap LMS to support employee growth and fuel productivity. 

Illustration of a team member blasting off with a jetpack, representing a boost in performance.

Drive performance management 

Equip leaders with the right tools, data, and performance playbooks to make the most out of their teams. 

It pays to invest in your employee experience 

Fuel retention, drive performance, and enable business success more efficiently with Workleap Officevibe’s easy-to-use employee experience solution.  

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The simplest employee experience solution that provides insights and tools to transform your organization on day 1, not in 6 months.