Attract and retain specialized IT talent by fostering exceptional employee experiences 

Attract specialized experts in the field and keep them around for the long haul. Drive retention by carefully cracking the code to a stellar employee experience with simple tools for engagement, recognition, and performance management. 

A smiling IT specialist talking to their manager at their desk, reflecting job satisfaction.
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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience

Why Workleap Officevibe for your organization? 

Manager sending an automated survey and an employee answering it remotely.

Fuel innovation through employee engagement  

Innovation begins with motivation. Spark transformative ideas that lead to business success by nurturing employee engagement and recognition. 

Employees creating courses easily with LMS tools.

Enable continuous learning and development 

There’s always room to grow. Support employee development with simple tools to quickly implement a continuous and effective performance management process tailored to your needs. 

Employees taking care of a project together.

Foster a culture of collaboration 

Drive collaboration and productivity with an out-of-the-box pulse survey that gives you reliable engagement insights to level up your teams. 

How we help

Intuitive tools for innovative teams

Retain top talent and drive team performance with easy-to-use tools.

A manager responding to feedback received by an employee via the Workleap Officevibe tool.


Collect employee feedback  

Uncover what drives your team to make your business a haven for like-minded IT professionals. With carefully crafted Pulse Surveys, anonymous messaging, and an easy-to-navigate engagement dashboard, turn real-time insights into tangible actions.   


Highlight employee strengths

Shine a light on great work and make peer-to-peer recognition more meaningful and fun. From small wins to major milestones, team members can browse through dozens of Good Vibes prompts with customizable themes that reflect and celebrate your company’s culture.  

Creation of a new Good Vibes card to send feeback in Officevibe from a template with an optional custom message box.
Officevibe new performance cycle management page with cycle summary, list of events and possibility to schedule a new event.


Enable performance management 

Use simple, flexible tools to curate a performance management process that is as unique as your team. Drive organizational success with ongoing conversations, performance roadmaps, and data-backed insights to foster a culture of growth and development. 

And more, to cover the entire lifecycle of your best IT talents

Team members who are all aligned on the same goal.

Maintain team alignment

Create individual, team, and company OKRs to keep teams focused and aligned on what matters most. Leverage easy visualization in list or tree view to better forge your path to success. 

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Efficient one-on-ones 

Transform your one-on-one meetings into opportunities for employee development and business success. Make the most of your time with efficient agenda, note-taking, and action tools.

Employee completing tasks and processing in professional goals.

Never stop growing  

Pair Workleap Officevibe with Workleap LMS to tailor and enhance employee learning journeys. 

Retaining your top talent just got simpler 

Make your business stand out above the rest and retain your key players with Workleap Officevibe’s easy-to-use employee experience solution.  

IT specialist happy at work in their warm and welcoming office space.
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The simplest employee experience solution that provides insights and tools to transform your organization on day 1, not in 6 months.