Elevate the customer experience by empowering your employees 

Offering world-class customer service in the hospitality and travel industries begins with a first-rate employee experience. Engage, recognize, and drive team performance with Workleap Officevibe — it’s worth the trip.

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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience

Why Workleap Officevibe for your organization?

An employee who has all the tools to perform well in their job.

Keep talent around for the long haul 

In the competitive landscape of a high-pressure, demanding hospitality industry, it can be tough to keep productivity and retention rates high. Fight turnover more easily with reliable, real-time insights that prioritize effective employee engagement strategies.

Manager sending an automated survey and an employee answering it remotely.

Prioritize employee well-being

Your people are dedicated and driven to deliver. Support your teams by regularly checking in and elevating working conditions.  

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DEIB as a top priority

Create a more accessible environment for all. Transform your team into a beacon of inclusion to better reflect and serve your diverse customer base.  

How we help

Revamped people strategies that reflect employee needs 

Motivate your teams to deliver a knockout customer experience every time.

A report on recognition which shows a drop of 0.5 points over the last 6 months.


Leverage Pulse Surveys  

Fight turnover by leaning into what drives your team. Unlock key insights from Pulse Surveys to craft actionable employee engagement strategies. 


Celebrate employee achievements 

Let every employee shine with Good Vibes. Spark meaningful recognition that inspires great work with customizable prompts that reflect and champion your company culture. 

Creation of a new Good Vibes card to send feeback in Officevibe from a template with an optional custom message box.
A manager responding to feedback received by an employee via the Workleap Officevibe tool.


Listen to anonymous feedback 

Let every voice be heard. Create a safe space for teams to share their thoughts and ideas. 

And more, to cover the entire lifecycle of your best talents

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Make onboarding more efficient 

Equip your employees with structured onboarding tools to hit the ground running and perform at their peak right from the start. 

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Build more inclusive teams 

Strive for a healthier and more inclusive company culture. Workleap Officevibe’s dedicated DEIB Survey and Report helps you collect feedback that will help you continuously develop DEIB initiatives and measure their impact. 

Illustration of a team member blasting off with a jetpack, representing a boost in performance.

Drive continuous performance 

Arm your team with simple and effective tools to achieve a frictionless shift from the once-a-year performance review to an automated, personalized, and continuous performance management process. 

Stand-out customer satisfaction begins with a stellar employee experience 

Serve up better customer satisfaction, improve employee retention, and nurture team well-being with Workleap Officevibe’s intuitive employee experience solution. 

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The simplest employee experience solution that provides insights and tools to transform your organization on day 1, not in 6 months.