How we help lg2’s Production Team maintain great employee retention

lg2, Canada's largest independent creative agency, shared more about how they integrated Workleap Officevibe to help their managers better connect with their growing distributed teams.

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lg2 is an independant brand marketing agency for Canada's top companies. With over 450 professionnals, they deliver creative experiences that drive lasting positive change.

Location Montreal, Canada

Company size 450

Industry Marketing

How does lg2, the largest independent creative agency in Canada, manage to stay connected to their people and maintain exceptional employee retention amidst rapid growth? This success story reveals the challenges they faced and the solution they found in Workleap Officevibe.


Staying connected to a growing remote team

As lg2 expanded, one of the key challenges they encountered was staying connected to their growing remote team.

David Legendre, the former partner and VP of account services production at lg2, highlighted the difficulty of getting a pulse on employees' needs and concerns in the new virtual work environment.

With minimal HR support, it was up to team managers to ensure employee morale and create a positive work culture for all.

Recognizing the need for a tool that would facilitate connection and enable managers to address issues effectively, lg2 turned to Workleap Officevibe, a people-first employee experience platform.

Workleap Officevibe provided a safe space for productive conversations, empowering managers to connect with their remote teams and make people-centric decisions effortlessly.


Maintaining open communication with Pulse Surveys

lg2 implemented Workleap Officevibe to help managers connect with their remote teams and make people-first decisions with ease. The team first started using the platform's Pulse Surveys to gather anonymous feedback from employees regularly.

This approach helped create a safe environment where team members felt comfortable sharing their thoughts and concerns.

The ability to express themselves openly without fear of repercussions allowed employees to voice their opinions and contribute to a collaborative work environment.

In fact, David shared that the tool’s anonymity made a huge difference in his team’s willingness to be candid when it was first implemented.

Understanding where the team stands

With Workleap Officevibe, lg2's managers are now able to identify team priorities and address issues such as workload management and process improvement.

The platform's dashboard provides a global perspective of team satisfaction, offering insights into collaboration levels and recognition. This visibility empowers managers to take proactive actions and implement solutions to enhance employee experience.

For example, managers can monitor when employees feel overwhelmed with their workloads or when there is mounting frustration with a certain process, like a handoff between teams.

Workleap Officevibe helps spot patterns so that managers and leaders can quickly course-correct. This visibility drives action, and to lg2, it’s what makes Workleap Officevibe so much more than just an employee satisfaction survey.

Making meetings matter

Workleap Officevibe's meetings tool have also facilitated structured and efficient one-on-one meetings by providing a centralized space to set agendas and track action items.

This streamlined approach ensures that objectives remain visible between meetings and that no issues were overlooked or forgotten. Ultimately, this makes meetings more valuable for both managers and employees.

Celebrating team efforts

Additionally, Workleap Officevibe's recognition tool, Good Vibes, encourages team members to celebrate and appreciate each other's efforts.

Manager-to-employee or peer-to-peer, the upbeat messages provide an instant lift to both the sender and receiver. And week-over-week, more people at lg2 continue to use it. David shared that they love showing each other appreciation.

The tool offers prompts like, “Who would you like to clone?” and, “Who can magically transform a nightmare project into a piece of cake?” Team members choose a recipient and add a personal note. It’s incredibly engaging and offers an easy way to brighten people’s day.


Exceptional retention in a tough industry

The impact of Workleap Officevibe on lg2's employee retention has been remarkable. Despite rapid growth and a remote work setup, the agency's production team experienced exceptional retention rates.

With an annual turnover rate of less than 5%, well below the industry average, lg2 attributes its success to Workleap Officevibe's contribution to improving relationships and decision-making.

leg2's ROI of using Officevibe

David Legendre acknowledged that Workleap Officevibe has become an integral part of lg2's employee culture. The platform's ability to gather anonymous feedback, keep team priorities in focus, and continuously evolve to boost engagement and satisfaction has solidified its importance within the organization.

To other managers facing similar challenges, David wholeheartedly recommends giving Workleap Officevibe a try. In the service industry, where the team's happiness is paramount, Workleap Officevibe ensures managers stay informed and maintain a happy and engaged workforce.

Learn more about how you can boost employee retention on your team with Workleap Officevibe's uncomplicated and intuitive features.

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