Empower your organization with the skills-based canvas.

In the new hybrid work reality, it can be hard for employees to develop themselves and understand which direction to take to get to the next level of their careers. Their progression can be hindered by unclear progression plans or expectations, a lack of visibility of new openings and a lack of communication with their manager.  

This reality can be a real plague for businesses and HR. A job-hopping survey shows that poor career development opportunities (which includes when companies aren't offering clear career paths) is one of the top reasons for employees to look for another job. However, the appetite is there — 78% of employees (4 out of 5) would be happy to learn new skills with their current employers

Enter Workleap Skills.  

At Workleap, we are on a mission to level the playing field and give small-and-medium-sized businesses full visibility into their team’s skills to supercharge progression plans and make sure everyone on the team gets an equal opportunity to grow. 

That’s why we are proud to launch our cutting-edge AI-powered progression plans and employee development features. 

Before diving deeper into the specifics, we prepared a quick video featuring our visionary Head of Product and co-founder of Skills, Guillaume Roy, who will walk you through the essential functionalities included in this new release: 

So, what’s new under the hood? Well, a lot... 

Build tailored progression plans in minute with AI 

In just one click, Workleap Skills' AI will help you generate a personalized progression plan based on your employees’ skills and future ambitions. That way, they can get a clear path forward to reach the next milestone: whether it’s a promotion or a lateral move to step into a new role. Skills gives managers and their teams the clarity they need to grow and thrive.

ai powered progression plan

Recommend the next best opportunity for an employee 

Our role recommendation tab will suggest new roles based on employees’ skillset and expected trajectory. Employees can also “watch roles” to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening inside the organization and seize new opportunities that match their skills and interests. 

role recommendations

Fill your team’s skills gaps

Say goodbye to “blank page syndrome.” Workleap Skills leverages ChatGPT and AI to recommend the best way to fill the skills gaps in a role and help employees accelerate their growth with an intentional, tangible and actionable progression plan. That way, you can eliminate the guesswork in employee development with a data-driven approach that removes the blindfold on your gaps and needs. 

fill team's skills gaps

Match employees with the right mentors at the right time  

Skills makes finding the right mentor in a distributed organization easy. It leverages your skills map to automatically connect employees to the best people in the organization to develop their skills and prepare them for their next role. That way, you can ensure continuous learning at scale throughout your organization by pairing your top talent with your rising stars. 

mentor matching

Coaching, succession planning, internal mobility and more

Workleap Skills is a 360-degree skills development platform that helps you guide employees at every step of their career... just like a professional coach. Using our new progression plans as the cornerstone, our platform also enhances your succession planning and internal mobility efforts by giving you full visibility into your team’s skills and growth. 

Want to learn more and dive deeper into your specific business case? You can either create your free account or book a demo with us, and a product expert will assist you every step of the way.  

Here’s to giving every employee an equal opportunity to grow and thrive! 

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