As providers of employee experience software, we get to work with organizations that really care about employee engagement. And we have the pleasure of seeing the fruits of their labor: higher-than-ever engagement scores.  

Instead of keeping those warm n’ fuzzies all to ourselves, we decided it’s time to send a Good Vibe to all these amazing organizations and Workleap Officevibe customers.  

Today’s the day. We’ve scanned all the overall engagement scores in our database and we’re ready to share the top 60 Employee Experience Leaders!  

Wondering what they did to top our charts? Stick around to learn what metrics you should be tracking and score tips from these leaders on how to boost these metrics yourself! 

Selection methodology: How did we create this list? 

We underwent a rigorous process to select our winners for our Spring 2024 Employee Experience Leaders. To be considered for the list, organizations needed to fulfill the following criteria: 

  • Minimum 10 Workleap Officevibe users 
  • At least three months using Workleap Officevibe 
  • Minimum 30% engagement rate 

To level the playing field, the Spring 2024 Employee Experience Leader list features the top 20 organizations with the highest engagement score segmented by their total Workleap Officevibe users. These segments include: 0-99 users; 100-999 users; and 1000+ users resulting in a total list of 60 leaders. 

The selection was based on organizations with the highest overall engagement score during our capture date (April 10th, 2024) within their Workleap Officevibe network. 

We’re excited to make this a recurring program and we hope to see you on our next list!

Meet our Spring 2024 Employee Experience Leaders 

From SMBs to enterprise companies, these organizations know a thing or two about employee engagement! (Can we give them all a round of applause?! 👏) 

Accesa DocplannerNintex
Accessible Career Options (ACO)EDF in the UKNordeus
Agency Performance Partners EK Financial Group Paralucent
Agendrix Elva Group Payology a Check21 company
AIA Shared Services – SG Contact Centre EST GroupPinnacle Rehab
AKIND: All companies Goodwin Investment AdvisoryPremier Wealth Partners
Alythia GrandPad Promutuel Assurance 
Amilia Groupe Conseils MCGRimac Seguros y Reaseguros 
Axur Health NestSiteMinder 
Beneva High Speed Training smartAR Group 
Better Business Bureau serving the Heart of Texas iCoreConnect IT Snap Finance 
BioScript Solutions Independent Insurance Agents of North CarolinaTantus Technologies, Inc. 
BlueLight Analytics INTURSA TaxAudit 
Call Design North AmericaKLGTELUS Business Customer Experience team 
CogecoMcFarland PLLC Transat
Computacenter Romania McKesson Canada U.S. Venture 
Crum & Forster Mortgage Professionals CanadaUBT (GAP) 
CyberCX MultichoiceUpGuard
Workleap Officevibe Employee Experience Leader Spring 2024 in alphabetical order

Employee engagement: What it is and how to measure it 

Employee engagement isn't just a buzzword; it's the fuel that propels businesses forward. But if you’re in HR, this isn’t new news. You know that when your team is engaged, they're not just punching in and out—they're excited about their work, deeply connected to the company's mission, and eager to make meaningful contributions.  

But measuring employee engagement is like navigating a labyrinth. It's not just about tallying up happy faces; it's about gauging the emotional investment employees have in their roles and the organization.  

So, how do you accurately measure something as dynamic and multifaceted as employee engagement?  

That’s where a science-backed employee engagement survey comes in handy. At Workleap Officevibe, our automated pulse survey tool provides an overall engagement score––and breaks the score down into 10 key metrics––making it easier for HR leaders to measure and pinpoint what’s going well and what needs improvement. 

Today, we’re sharing those 10 metrics with you––as well as tips on how to boost them within your own organization from our Spring 2024 Employee Experience Leaders. 

1. Recognition 

The Recognition metric represents perceptions of an organization’s culture of appreciation. When people feel valued for their contributions, they’re more inclined to keep contributing! To properly manage this metric, we recommend tracking the quality and frequency of recognition.  

We use the bespoke Good Vibes [by Workleap Officevibe] to recognize our Golden Guidelines (the behaviors we love) and celebrate these on a monthly basis.

Sara Attree, Head of People Experience, EDF in the UK

2. Feedback

The Feedback metric considers the two-way flow of feedback between employees and the organization. Ideally, you’ll want a balance between the feedback an employee receives and the feedback they give to an organization. A high score will indicate a culture of openness and that people care about improving as individuals and as an organization.  

Share results – not just scores; we do an update on ‘where we’re doing well’ and ‘where we need to do better’. It also helps the team know they’ve been heard.

Melanie Truscott, Executive Director, CyberCX

3. Happiness

The Happiness metric helps gauge the overall mood and morale at an organization. Do your people feel good about walking into the workplace each day? Do they feel like they have work-life balance? These are the questions that the Happiness metric can help answer.  

Every new employee receives a starter grant to set up a really great home office, because we know your environment is really important when you start a new job.

Jenny Wells, Head of HR, High Speed Training

4. Personal Growth

The Personal Growth metric monitors people’s perceptions towards their roles, responsibilities, and contributions. If you’re sensing that your people are not motivated or committed to their role, try digging into the submetrics—autonomy, mastery, and purpose—to hear what may be holding them back.  

We take care of our people. We give them meaningful and stimulating projects. We grow, you grow. We listen to their ideas and give the employees the room to try stuff and fail.

Mathieu Allaire, CEO & Founder, Agendrix

5. Satisfaction

The Satisfaction metric reflects how content people are with compensation, performance practices, work environment, and roles at their organization. As you can see, there are a lot of layers to this metric. While a high score is the goal, don’t forget to peel back the layers to ensure there are no lagging submetrics. If there are, that’s okay! Consider it an area of opportunity for next quarter. 

We have used feedback to bring the team closer together and to enhance our benefit offerings to ensure employee satisfaction.

Rachel Fiegler, Director of Biz Ops & People Ops, Payology

6. Wellness

The Wellness metric represents stress levels and whether employees feel supported in leading a healthy lifestyle. To reduce absenteeism and enhance productivity, it’s important to make sure your people feel rested and cared for. Asking qualitative survey questions can be a great way to get ideas on how to build out your wellness program.  

Based on our data... we incorporated Stress Management webinars led by health professionals and laughing yoga sessions that happen on a bi-weekly basis to ease the mind, body, and soul.

Sivakumar Muniandy, Head of Singapore Contact Centre Operation, AIA Shared Services

7. Ambassadorship

The Ambassadorship metric measures employees’ willingness to advocate for their organization, as well as products or services. Internal champions are a great way to build brand awareness. Track this metric to understand what you can do to grow your organization’s name from within! 

People leaders are responsible for the engagement and advocacy scores of their teams and Officevibe gives them not only a measurement tool but the analytics and feedback to take corrective action where needed.

Melanie Truscott, Executive Director, CyberCX

8. Relationship with Manager

The Relationship with Manager metric provides a birds-eye view of employee-manager relationships at your organization. This metric is crucial to track because it highly impacts an employee’s job satisfaction, performance, and retention.  

Don’t rush reading over this data—there are oodles of insights you can pull from this metric! We also recommend reviewing the scores from different teams and departments to ensure strong leadership exists across the organization.  

We leverage our employee's strong relationships with managers to maintain our high engagement scores. The Officevibe platform is strongly advocated for by our CEO and other senior leaders, who are engaged within the platform, responding to employee feedback and creating action plans based on scores and comments.

Amanda Mitchell, Director of Strategic Initiatives and People Analytics, Alithya

9. Relationship with Peers

The Relationship with Peers metric represents the interconnectedness within and between teams. Positive relationships among coworkers are very important for boosting emotional investment in your organization. If scores are low, work with your people managers to incorporate more opportunities for team building and connection.  

On our team you will find tons of interactive programs thoughtfully designed by a dedicated full time culture department, [such as] cafeteria lunch club and public peer recognition nominations daily.

Deborah Durr, Chief Culture Officer, Premier Wealth Partners

10. Alignment

The Alignment Metric tracks employees’ alignment with their organization’s vision, mission, and values. Alignment is crucial for long-term engagement. To ensure everyone continues to move forward in the same direction, look for ways to keep the business’ mission, vision, and values top of mind. 

We encourage team members to contribute to the community with the "gift of time", each team member has 1 full day paid to volunteer every year to give a helping hand to charities and organizations of their choice.

Nellie Rouselle, Engagement Specialist, BioScript Solutions

Are you our next EX leader?

Now that you know what metrics we’re measuring to compile our list of top employee experience leaders, you’re probably thinking: How do I stack up? 

Find answers in Workleap Officevibe's Spring 2024 Employee Engagement Benchmark Report. Access benchmarks for all 10 key metrics––as well as eNPS and overall engagement scores. 

It’s hot off the press, so don’t wait another minute!