Streamline, organize, and automate your onboarding process like magic.

About Lexop

Lexop is a financial technology company that helps organizations automate and scale their collections operations, significantly improving their self-cure rates and cash flow. Our technology streamlines the entire process, making it more efficient and cost-effective to recover outstanding funds than traditional methods. In 2023, Lexop was recognized by G2 as the #1 collections software in terms of effectiveness. Click here for a short explanatory video.

Some stats about Lexop in 18 months:

  • 200% increase in headcount (37 new hires)
  • 100% employee retention rate
  • 98% new hire satisfaction

At Lexop we rely on a smooth onboarding process that allows new  employees to understand our mission and values from the get-go. Workleap Onboarding has enabled my department to deliver a structured and efficient introduction to our company, thanks to personalized templates, calendar reminders to stakeholders, embedded content in tasks, and much more. New hires are then able to dive into their role feeling confident, supported, and welcomed by their team. We are looking forward to our continued use of Workleap Onboarding as we grow, contributing to the overall success of our company.

Enya Leger, People Ops Coordinator at Lexop

The challenge

Navigating the Onboarding Maze

In the bustling world of fintech startups, Lexop found itself grappling with a common yet critical challenge - onboarding.

As the company grew, the process of integrating new hires into the team became increasingly complex. The People Department and management were spending valuable time coordinating with hiring managers and personalizing onboarding experiences, especially for remote hires. The result? A drain on resources and
a very manual onboarding experience for new employees.

The objective

A Smooth Onboarding Experience for All

Lexop knew they needed a change. They aimed to automate their onboarding process, create consistent onboarding plans, and empower new hires to be independent from day one. They wanted a solution that would not only streamline their process but also serve as a central reference point for new employees. Enter Workleap Onboarding.

The struggle with onboarding periods is that "the show must go on". In other words, as a manager, you have to continue your day-to-day tasks while spending time onboarding a new Lexoper. It can be overwhelming. However, Workleap Onboarding enables you to juggle your duties in a more organized and graceful fashion.

Amir Tajkarimi, CEO at Lexop

The solution

Workleap Onboarding

Workleap Onboarding's onboarding platform offered Lexop the tools they needed to transform their onboarding process. With features like onboarding templates, pulse surveys, video requests, and reminders, Workleap Onboarding allowed Lexop to create a detailed and personalized onboarding experience for each new hire. The platform also provided a way for Lexop to track the onboarding progress in real-time and set up a buddy system for new employees.

One unique aspect of Lexop's onboarding process is the personal touch added by their CEO, Amir Tajkarimi. For every newcomer, Amir uploads a video explaining the history of the company. After this he will book a time with the new employee to pitch Lexop to them (as if to an investor) and take time to answer any questions. This has been particularly beneficial for remote employees, allowing them to experience Lexop's culture even if they are not physically in the office.

Starting a new role with a new company is always nerve-racking, no matter what level of position you're in. Even the most organized of people might feel as though they're missing something. Workleap Onboarding allowed me to ease into my new role by providing guidance on what steps I needed to take to complete my training and would provide me with reminders when I needed them most.

Jordan Greenberg, Senior Account Executive at Lexop

The impact

A New Era of Onboarding at Lexop

The implementation of Workleap Onboarding led to a significant improvement in Lexop's onboarding process. The platform allowed the People Department to automate many of their tasks, freeing up time for other important projects. New employees were able to ramp up their learning much faster, reducing the number of questions they had and allowing them to understand the company's tools, policies, and structure independently.

Lexop employees at the office working together

I am really glad that Lexop used Workleap Onboarding as an onboarding tool. It made my life a lot easier 😄

Sukritha SK, QA Specialist at Lexop

The results

Quantifiable Success

Lexop's onboarding satisfaction soared from a modest 72% to an exceptional 98% upon the integration of Workleap Onboarding. In a brief span of 18 months, they tripled the size of their team, seamlessly welcoming 37 new members into their company with zero turnover, all thanks to Workleap Onboarding. But Workleap Onboarding's influence didn't stop at onboarding; it also ignited a spark in employee connections and engagement. New hires now seamlessly blend into the company culture, building meaningful relationships with managers and colleagues, and gaining a holistic understanding of the company’s structure.

Lexop's onboarding satisfaction soared from a modest 72% to an exceptional 98% upon the integration of Workleap Onboarding

The future

Scaling with Workleap Onboarding

As Lexop continues to grow, they are excited to continue utilizing Workleap Onboarding to simplify their onboarding process. The platform's ability
to collect feedback from new employees is crucial for Lexop to continuously improve their process. With Workleap Onboarding, Lexop is confident in their ability to deliver a clear and collaborative onboarding experience, no matter how many new hires they onboard.


A Win-Win for Lexop and its Lexopers

Workleap Onboarding has not only improved Lexop's onboarding process but also enhanced the overall employee experience. New hires now have a clear understanding of their role and the company from day one, leading to increased employee satisfaction and retention. With Workleap Onboarding, Lexop has transformed the onboarding process from a daunting task into a smooth and enjoyable journey for everyone involved, all while maintaining a personal touch in a digital age.

Workleap Onboarding took away the mayhem and the endless back-and-forth that is inevitable in new employee onboardings. On one hand, it allows the management team to fully prepare before the arrival of a new employee with a warm, structured, and intuitive onboarding experience. On the other hand, it allows the new employee to understand what is expected of them during the first weeks - making the initial period more comfortable and less stressful.

Amir Tajkarimi, CEO at Lexop