In our first Vibe Check episode, Julie Jeannotte, HR Expert and Researcher at Officevibe, chats with Andrea Kalavsky, People Consultant at peopleOsophy, to talk about all things alignment. More specifically, they dive into how prioritizing and maintaining alignment around a company's mission, values, goals, and general outlook keeps employees engaged in the long haul (and less likely to look for greener pastures).

Read on and watch the full episode to learn how you can get your team to row in the same direction, even in rough seas.

Watch the episode to learn about:

  • How organizational alignment leads to better business outcomes
  • How HR and leaders can foster and contribute to alignment
  • The importance of prioritizing alignment in each stage of the employee life cycle
  • The role technology plays in aligning employees and teams

If your team knows what success means to your organization, they will do anything required to get there. And when things aren't in alignment, they will call it out and challenge it.

Andrea Kalavsky

How People Ops leaders can pilot alignment at work

Company-wide alignment isn't a given. It's something that organizations must actively work towards. And as our guest, Andrea, points out in this episode, People Ops teams have the power to pilot businesses to success by helping leaders, managers, and employees leverage the right tools and processes.

Use her key tips to get you started on the right track:

  1. Help employees at all levels understand the power of listening mechanisms and how to use them. These can be all-hands meetings, one-on-ones, team forums, or employee engagement platforms like Officevibe.
  2. Use these mechanisms as moments of connectivity where you can listen to and learn from one another. Psychological safety and trust are paramount to get your team fully in sync and aligned.
  3. Give your team a voice to help you uncover misalignment. Evaluate pain points so that you can properly pivot your strategy or process.
  4. Do the same to highlight your wins. Celebrate what's going great, contributing to a stronger company culture, and leading to better business outcomes.
  5. Don't shy away from using technology as a sidekick. It enables you to analyze and quantify employee sentiment so you can act on hard facts.

📺 Watch the full episode if you want more advice and insights from Andrea's professional journey in people operations.

Meet our illustrious guest

Vibe Check - Andrea Picture

Andrea Kalavsky

Coach, advisor, mentor, and leader (in no particular order)

I've found myself being able to thrive when my personal values, my motivations, and my aspirations are in alignment with where I work and what I do.

Andrea Kalavsky

Andrea’s route to People leadership has been non-traditional. She started managing tech, social, and digital teams before realizing she was a people People person.

Since then, she’s worked in some small (and large) people-centric, mission-driven companies, including Innocent Drinks, Daylesford Organic, People Against Dirty (the people behind Method and Ecover), Koru Kids, and a handful of deep-tech post-seed start-ups.

Driven by a strong desire to experiment and do things differently, Andrea is naturally attracted to places and people who aspire to change their industries or categories for the better.

...And our Vibe Check host!

Vibe Check-Julie Picture

Julie Jeannotte

Officevibe’s HR Expert & Researcher

Julie’s (or JJ as we like to call her) life’s mission is to help organizations understand the value of placing their people at the heart of their strategy and business. Her background, research, and innate curiosity give her a unique perspective on day-to-day team challenges and the ever-evolving world of work.

Anyone who knows JJ knows this: she’s a wildflower who speaks from the heart. Inspired by the uniqueness of individuals and driven by the power of collectivity, she focuses on bringing out the best in humans to create meaningful change.

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